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  2. From Marti!

    Thanks for your lovely message/photo Marti, looking forward to seeing you next year and hearing your new material . XX
  3. Who Remember This?

    Mike has put a lot of mine from VHS on to the PC - but not sure what to do with them yet. A lot is already on You Tube from other people
  4. From Marti!

    Thanks for the message Marti, looking forward to hearing your new material. Good luck with the panto. xx
  5. From Marti!

    Hello guys, sitting by the piano the other day writing away... thinking it's been a while since I post pic and ask how you are all doing... love to love marti…
  6. Who Remember This?

    As Caroline & Julie say, it's hard to believe this was so long ago. Thanks for the reminder, Lynn. It's great to see it again . I'm sure I have it on video but haven't got a video player connected up now. I have a project in mind of transferring all those recordings to DVD but it's one of those things I haven't got around to yet!!
  7. Who Remember This?

    I remember this, I can't believe it was so long ago... and there is still "a lotta love" for Marti. Great to watch it again, thanks for sharing Lynn.
  8. Chat Nights

    I can do any night, so am happy to go with the majority...hopefully we will have some more people joining in. See you on Thursday or Friday
  9. Chat Nights

    I can't do weekends or Wednesdays. This week we will try Thursday and Friday, see who is around each night,
  10. Who Remember This?

    Wonderful..... Thank you for sharing!
  11. Chat Nights

    Im easy - any night, although by Friday Im usually asleep on the sofa by 9pm (rock'n'roll) How about weekend nights?
  12. Who Remember This?

    I cant believe that this was that long ago!
  13. Earlier
  14. Who Remember This?

    From Children In Need 14 years ago! The picture quality isn't the best but still good to watch!
  15. Chat Nights

    For me Friday is the best night for a chat. I am working Monday till Friday and here in Germany it's one hour later than in the UK. So Monday till Thursday it would be too late for me (9 p.m. in Germany) to chat in the evening because I have to get up at 5:15 a.m. the next morning. I like it the way it is and I'm enjoying our chats on Fridays. After a hard working week I'm looking forward to the weekend and to our chats...
  16. Question For Guests

    Would more of you join in if you didn't have to be registered or logged in?
  17. Chat Nights

    I am wondering if more people could join in with our chats if they were held on a different night. I can't do Wednesdays but I don't HAVE to be there. As most people have to work during the week, I have suggested an 8pm start, except for Fridays. Anyone can post here, members and guests alike so please let me know your thoughts and preferred night. Thanks
  18. BristolShoppingQuarter.co.uk interview

    Thanks Debbie, I hadn't seen this one!
  19. Marti Artikel

    Ich werde Sie hier Posten, wenn ich etwas mehr finde.
  20. Marti Artikel

    Wirklich beeindruckend was du alles in deiner Sammlung hast! Würde mich freuen, wenn du noch mehr findest und sie hier einstellst...
  21. BristolShoppingQuarter.co.uk interview

    Thanks for the link Debbie, a great interview.
  22. On This Day In 2001.....

    Thank you for sharing this Lynn
  23. On This Day In 2001.....

    Thanks for posting Lynn x
  24. On This Day In 2001.....

    Still a wonderful song... I enjoyed watching it! Thank you very much for sharing!
  25. On This Day In 2001.....

    Marti appeared on BBC's Children In Need. It is hard to believe it was 16 years ago!!! I've Been Around The World-CIN.mp4
  26. Marti Artikel

    Ich hatte diese abgelegt. Ich habe wahrscheinlich mehr!
  27. BristolShoppingQuarter.co.uk interview

    Thanks for the link to that, Debbie. It's a great interview. Those of you going are lucky to be able to hear Marti's new songs
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