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  2. HELLO HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY SPECIAL PERSON . Your voice really is the most beautiful sound . There is nothing at all that can replicate that sound. I loved hearing the rendition of Joni Mitchell on Alan D'arcy show ' From Both Sides' song. Your voice captivated me into another world again. Have a fantastic time today and I will think of you celebrating this important day too. Get lots of cake (but whatever you do don't send anyone to buy the candles) Just joking as would rather eat more cake. I really don't feel too old at all ( sounds like the Joni Mitchell song again ) and It is great to celebrate with you today. Have a fab time. XXXX
  3. Last week
  4. Thank you, Caroline! That was a difficult but a very nice game!
  5. Fingers crossed for at least one venue I can get to!!!!
  6. Such a shame this is a monday evening in term time. Had it have been a Saturday I would have loved to go, I love the Island
  7. Earlier
  8. Thanks very much for the info, Lynn. Looking forward to finding out more!!
  9. That is brilliant news, I can't wait to hear about the other venues, as unfortunately I will not be able to make the Isle of Wight concert.
  10. Fantastic news Lynn, maybe not for the Isle of Wight - just a bit too far, but looking forward to further announcements hopefully x
  11. Don't worry, there will be an email!
  12. Great there are shows coming - not so great that I'm on the mailing list and received no email though, found out about it on twitter instead.
  13. A belated happy birthday Julie, hope you had a lovely day
  14. I think it's BRAND NEW SUNRISE!
  15. Happy Birthday Julie, enjoy your day xx
  16. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, JULIE! Have a wonderful day! xx
  17. Wishing you a very happy birthday, Julie! I hope you have a lovely day!
  18. No worries Glenda, I did, thank you! :)
  19. I hope you had a lovely birthday Lynn, sorry I'm a little late xx
  20. Thank you all, I had a lovely day. Sorry for the late reply!
  21. Hope you had a lovely day Lynn xxx
  22. Just this one to get now - such a beautiful song: Speech speech They will do it The clouds are eating To extinguish traffic light For this reason, the time worked
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