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  2. Brilliant news Lynn, thanks for everything you do to keep this forum going xx
  3. Looking forward to the changes Lynn.
  4. Over the next few weeks I hope to fully revamp the forum. There are still regular Friday night chats (most weeks!) but you need to be logged in to join in. Don't be shy, come along and join us!
  5. Ah thank you Paula! Unfortunately I haven't had much time recently but over the summer I hope to get things a bit more up to date!
  6. Hi Roline

    I know I am behind at keeping in touch on this forum but I just wanted you to know that I adore that photo of you with Marti taken last year . You both hugging each other - it makes me smile a lot . Funnily enough just thought he made the album 'Smile" too. 

    Love Paula. 

    P.S. I love your art work . You may remember me from KOKO and Tatton Park shows. 

  7. Hi Mary and Lynn Thank you Lynn for the info regarding watching Marti at Glastonbury. Thank you for all you do for this lovely forum and in keeping Marti Pellow fans in touch with each other. Mary I am also like you and will not go on Face Book. I am also entirely extremely excited about Marti writing new music with Boo Mitchell. Definitely more worthwhile to get a plane to Memphis than join Face Book ! Paula.
  8. Thank you Mary! Pretty well everything has moved to social media now although I realise that not everyone uses it. Sadly though, it means that forums are not as popular as they used to be. I believe that Matti's Glastonbury set should be available via the red button on the BBC.
  9. I've had a bit of catching up to do with Marti's news & it struck me that because I'm not a Facebook member & not likely to be, there are times when I'd like to respond to something on Marti's Facebook but obviously can't do that directly, so I thought I'd post some thoughts on here. Firstly, a very belated Happy Marti Pellow Day to all! It's great to see all the photos that have been posted on the Fanchannel page! Secondly, I'm SO pleased for Marti to be appearing at Glastonbury! That's fantastic! Presumably it'll be an acoustic set, as he's appearing on the acoustic stage. What a treat that'll be for anyone who gets to hear it. Thirdly, I'm so pleased to know that Marti has been doing some recording and at least some of it in Memphis with Boo Mitchell. Great news!! and lastly for now, the Fanchannel page seems to have had a great response. Long may it continue!
  10. Those sound like interesting venues-especially Poole Lighthouse!! Thanks for the info, Lynn. Those are all too far from me, so I'll hang on to see what other venues are announced. These look great for those of you in the South West and the far South East, though!
  11. *** New Shows Announced *** As part of the small number of intimate shows this summer Marti will be playing in Poole Lighthouse (26th June 2019), Margate Winter Gardens (27th June 2019) and Torquay Princess Theatre (30th June 2019). Presale tickets will be available to all Marti VIP’s tomorrow from 10am. General sale tickets will be available from Friday (29th March 2019) at 10am. If you would like to become a Marti VIP you can sign up here: http://eepurl.com/gi547b Peace out x
  12. Fingers crossed for at least one venue I can get to!!!!
  13. Such a shame this is a monday evening in term time. Had it have been a Saturday I would have loved to go, I love the Island
  14. Thanks very much for the info, Lynn. Looking forward to finding out more!!
  15. That is brilliant news, I can't wait to hear about the other venues, as unfortunately I will not be able to make the Isle of Wight concert.
  16. Fantastic news Lynn, maybe not for the Isle of Wight - just a bit too far, but looking forward to further announcements hopefully x
  17. Don't worry, there will be an email!
  18. Great there are shows coming - not so great that I'm on the mailing list and received no email though, found out about it on twitter instead.
  19. You can now join others fans on Marti's new official fan channels on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/martipellowfans/ And on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/martipellowfans/
  20. Thats weired as it came up on my emails yesterday i just clicked on and replie,d didn't notice the date but yes i tried a few times but couldnt find the forum xx
  21. That message was from June, Dot. I don't know why you weren't able to get on but obviously you are back now!
  22. Thats good news. I was talking to Caroline, Joyce etc and told them I'd been trying to get on a few weeks ago but couldn't get on, now i know why. Hopefully will speak to you all tomorrow xx
  23. Hi Lynn

    I am trying to contact Marti.

    We met at the Lost City golf club after Wet Wet Wets concert at Sun City.

    I am now living back in Scotland in Glasgow.

    Tell him that I am the Scots poet that recited a poem to Nelson Mandelas grandaughter and he will remember me then.

    Going to attach links to some of my recent creations there.

    look forward to meeting you again when teh time is right marti,

    All the best to the guys in Wet Wet Wet.

    Dave Nicoll








    Links to CDs and books.docx

    Yogi tea poetic symphony.docx

    Oh Mother Earth.docx

    1. LynnRoberts


      Hi Dave, you can contact Marti's management by email. enquiries@martipellowofficial.co.uk

  24. Huge thanks once again Lynn for sorting out the forum. I really hope more people join in and help to make all your efforts worthwhile. Sorry I couldn't join last Fridays chat night but I was out for the evening. Also out again this coming Friday so hopefully will be free for the next one. Thanks again Lynn, I would be lost without this forum x
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