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  2. Happy Birthday Helen

    Oh thank you for the birthday wishes day was quite relaxed until around tea time when I was an hour late for an appointment because I'm stupid but then had a tyre blow out so birthday money for a nice spa day will be spent on some circular rubber instead. Just hope that the wheel ain't damaged. Onwards and upwards... But at least I feel loved.
  3. Happy Birthday Helen

    Happy Birthday Helen hooe you've had a fabulous day xx
  4. Happy Birthday Helen

    Hope you have had a nice, relaxing day, Helen xx
  5. Happy Birthday Helen

    VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY HELEN! I hope you had a wonderful day! xx
  6. Happy Birthday Helen

    Happy Birthday Helen, I hope you have a lovely day. xx
  7. Happy Birthday Helen

    Wishing you a very Happy Birthday Helen. Have a great day. xxx
  8. FAKE Instagram Account

    Please block this account https://www.instagram.com/martifellowoffi/
  9. Tickets

    Hi just wondering if anyone has received tickets for Liverpool and York yet? I haven't had mine but got very little post during the winter due to the icy/snowy hill. Hope they aren't missing.
  10. SPOILER - Excellent Dubai Review!

    Wow totally amazing review. Thanks for sharing Lynn. I can't wait for the shows to start...my first one is Manchester. Roll on 19th May.
  11. SPOILER - Excellent Dubai Review!

    Really brilliant review, must go and checked out the Dubai videos .. Countin* the weeks now where has the weeks gone come around so fast. love Zill x
  12. Great! Thank you for sharing this, Lynn! Very interesting! I'm really looking forward to Bristol!
  13. A brilliant review. Looking forward to the tour....it will be amazing, as always.
  14. Marti Pellow review: Nostalgic journey for Dubai fans Former Wet Wet Wet frontman wistfully mixes old hits with spanking new material at Dubai Tennis Stadium Marti Pellow performs Wet Wet Wet at Dubai Duty Free Tennis Stadium Photo Arshad AliImage Credit: Marti Pellow performs Wet Wet Wet at Dubai Duty Free Tennis Stadium Photo Arshad AliImage Credit: fans during the concert of Marti Pellow at Dubai Duty Free Tennis Stadium Photo Arshad AliImage Credit: Marti Pellow performs Wet Wet Wet at Dubai Duty Free Tennis Stadium Photo Arshad AliImage Credit: ( 1 of 4 ) ‹› Published: 14:15 April 20, 2018 Leslie Wilson Jr, Special Features Writer It been a long time since Marti Pellow first charmed Dubai with his hit-making band Wet Wet Wet and the Scottish entertainer returned on Thursday night to once again enchant an adoring audience at the Dubai Duty Free Tennis Stadium. Pellow, who was born Mark McLachlan in Clydebank, Scotland, is the consummate entertainer. He is both at ease delivering soulful ballads or belting out uptown funk — all the while never forgetting to flash his infectious smile at people in the crowd below. On stage Pellow is the consummate entertainer — a tower of power, and subtle energy, using every inch of his territory to get closer to his six-member band or to connect with his fans. Dressed in full black, like every member of his band is on Thursday night, he arrived on stage at the scheduled time to tear into Mysterious, a song from his new album of the same name. There was a great vibe at the concert. However, it was with the second song of the night, one of his former band Wet Wet Wet’s biggest singles, Wishing I Was Lucky, where the party really began. Rake-thin and wearing his 53 years well, Pellow skillfully reeled off a pair of hits from Wet’s back catalogue, the delightful Sweet Little Mystery from 1987’s The Memphis Sessions album and Lip Service, which featured on 1995’s High On The Happy Side record. The female members in the audience swooned, swayed and waved their hands as Pellow squeezed every word out of the songs. After over 30 years in the business, and precious time spent on the stage at the West End in England and Broadway in America, Pellow has honed his skills to a soulful timbre that can compare with the finesse of the Percy Sledge or Lou Rawls. This soul-infused vibe formed the backbone of his 90-odd minute set as he attempted to shake-off the Wet Wet Wet connection and perfom as Marti Pellow, the singer. Sound of My Breaking Heart is the song he chose to deliver the message and it worked. Here is an artist of extraordinary talent and passion, individuality that spills into Close to You, a wistful ballad from his solo album Smile (2001). “This is a song that was inspired by my younger days sitting with my father on the banks of the River Clyde, watching the boats sail into wherever,” he reminisced. “My father was a big inspiration, so I wrote this songs playing with words and emotions from the past. Hope you like it.” I did, a lot. There are songs and then there are songs like Close to You, which even though may not have had an original name (it was one of The Carpenters biggest hits, was ever so sublime and memorable). By this time Pellow was in the groove, and so was the surprisingly small audience. But it did not matter. The screams and roars of approval that met every song could have matched those from a full-house at Wembley Stadium. Next up was the gleaming I’ve Been Around the World, which was followed by Too Many People, from Wet Wet Wet’s last recording, 2007’s Timeless. Pellow was not short on banter, talking to the crowd intermittently between songs, but mostly, he let the music do the talking. Mad boy does it speak. The magical, Goodnight Girl and a cover of The Beatles gem, With a Little Help from My Friends, had the crowd soaring and threatening to go into orbit. There was no let down, as Pellow delivered the song they’ve been waiting for all night — the monster hit that launched Wet Wet Wet, Love is All Around. Pellow was at full throttle, using a rock-hinged style to give it muscle and freshness. Everyone was singing and at times you couldn’t even hear him on stage. But you couldn’t have found a better way to end a very special evening — an evening of warmth and nostalgia.
  15. Dubai?

    Were any of our members lucky enough to see Marti in Dubai last night?
  16. I have 2 tickets for sale for the Glasgow Royal Concert Hall on 11th June 2018, Row B Stalls. Please pm if you are interested. Thanks.
  17. Earlier
  18. Hi Marti Enjoy Dubai it’s gonna be hot hot hot. love always xxxx
  19. Royal Albert Hall

    If anyone is looking for more than one ticket the two tickets next to this seat belonging to a friend are also up for sale, so there's three together in total. Cheers.
  20. Happy Saturday

    Sorry I am late posting this.
  21. Latest Marti Message - video now included!

    I always knew Marti was a sizzlin’ hot man. My dream man and favorite singer of all.
  22. Hope the kitchen is still in one piece Enjoy the sausages!!
  23. That looks a bit scary!!!
  24. Latest Marti Message - video now included!

    Hope Marti didn't set off the smoke alarm. x
  25. Happy Birthday, Eve, Monday, 9th

    Sorry I'm a bit late (been on hols!) but hope you had a lovely birthday xx
  26. How to make your sausage sizzle Pellow style... x
  27. Happy Birthday, Eve, Monday, 9th

    THANK YOU SO MUCH LADIES! Yes, I had a nice birthday and your greetings make it even better...
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