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  2. Lynn this has been a great forum & have loved our chats on here when I've able to stay awake on the Friday nights . I have also made some lovely friends through the forum. Totally understand with you closing it down. Thanks for the last ten years on here & for keeping us all up to date with all Marti. You have done such a great job on & also hope the Management, Marti & everyone else appreciates the great job you have done over the last 10 years. I will definitely keep in touch always.xx
  3. It's a pity but also very understandable that you're closing the forum, Lynn. You've put in such a lot of hard work to keep it going over the years & I feel I have got to know a good number of people far better than I would have without it. It is appreciated. There has been a lot of fun on here and members knew you'd give us reliable information too-thanks for giving us a place for that, Lynn. Hope to see some of you during future tours. Mary x
  4. It is with regret that I have decided to close the forum. These days most people prefer to use social media to keep in touch will all things Marti so very few people are using the forum. Also, I can't justify the time and cost involved for so few people. I would like to say a huge THANK YOU to everyone that has been a part of the forum over the last 10 years. There have been some brilliant times, some fantastic Friday night chats (sometimes until 1am or later!!), great Marti Parties when we watched concert DVDs together or listened to Marti on the radio, had a LOT of laughs and most importantly made great friends!!! I hope we can all stay in touch, one way or another! If you are seeing Panto, have a fun time and hopefully see you all on tour next year! Lynn xx
  5. Is there anyone out there wanting to say hello?
  6. Thanks very much for posting that link, Lynn. Also, looking at Marti's Facebook, he really looks the part in that fabulous costume!
  7. Thank you very much for sharing this, Lynn!
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