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  2. Hello From Scotland!

    I love this, hope he isn't snowed in, or if he is, he has plenty of supplies Now I have I Wish in my head.... Went on a boat going down by the river, for plenty more supplies.......
  3. Last week
  4. Hello From Scotland!

    Lovely message Marti, thanks. Wrap up and keep cosy x
  5. And The Winner Is........

    Fabulous, congratulations Susanne, well done. And well done Caroline, Joyce and Toa. Elaine x
  6. New Website.

    If you are having trouble sending photos or videos for Marti's new website, you can use WeTransfer https://wetransfer.com/ They need to be sent to web@martipellowofficial.co.uk and not posted on FB, thanks.
  7. Hello From Scotland!

    Keep warm Marti, hope you are wearing your thermals. I can imagine you sitting in your PJs in front of an open log fire in the evenings. xxx
  8. New Website.

    Hi everyone, I know you all take pics at concerts as I watch you all do it when I am singing to you….I think it's funny that you might think that you will get into trouble this is not the case with me (although sometimes it might be with the venues…?) but I just want to make something special for our new website where you have input. I have never watched a Marti show and I think your perspective and thoughts about both the new and old shows are special and I want to share those pics and thoughts with other people who enjoy the music I make for us all. I hope you all get involved so we end up with a website that we are all involved in not just a place for information but a place to share with friends ….love to love Marti..x
  9. Any new dates

    Might be a bit of a trip to that one
  10. New Website Coming Soon!

    Hmm, I can see me needing to spend some quality time with my photos this weekend
  11. And The Winner Is........

    Congratulations, Suzanne & very well done to the runners up.
  12. And The Winner Is........

    Congratulations Susanne well done.
  13. And The Winner Is........

    Congratulations Susanne , great entry x x
  14. Hi Everyone, we’re working behind the scenes on Marti’s new website which will be fully launched later this year. As part of the site we’d love to add some exciting new content from you the fans. If you have a favourite live photo or video clip that you’ve taken at one of Marti's concerts over the years and are happy for us to share it on his website please email it to us at: web@martipellowofficial.co.uk Please send as high a quality as possible and just send us 1-3 of your very favourites and we’ll then select the best. Thank you so much and we can’t wait to share the new site with you very soon!
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  16. And The Winner Is........

    Congratulations Suzanne, well done honey.
  17. And The Winner Is........

    Congratulations Susanne and well done to the runners up too xx
  18. And The Winner Is........

    Congratulations Susanne! Well done!
  19. And The Winner Is........

    Congratulations Suzanne xx
  20. And The Winner Is........

    Congratulations Susanne for being the winner for 2017. Caroline as the runner up with Toa and myself in joint third place regardless of the comments. Thank you to those who voted for me. I cant wait for December for the Advent calendars for 2018. xxx
  21. SUSANNE!!!!!! Very well done Susanne!! Please send me your address and we will get the signed poster off to you! Susanne had an added point for having the most views and Eve, Toa and Caroline had an extra point for all having the most comments. Well done and thank you to everyone that joined in!!
  22. Any new dates

    Thanks Lynn, i got a shock as we all been waiting since October and nothing then seen this. The Irish village caught me off till I seen where it is. thanks again, x
  23. Voting ends at midnight tomorrow!
  24. Listen To This.. ...

  25. Listen To This.. ...

    From about 6 mins and 50 seconds. http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p05rlk2y
  26. Any new dates

    Hi Zill, the Dubai date is happening. I know that all Irish fans are still waiting for Irish dates. As soon as I know anything I will let you know.
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