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    • LynnRoberts

      Friday Chats from 9pm   08/14/2017

      Join us every Friday from 9pm for great chat in good company!
    • LynnRoberts

      FAKE Instagram Account!   10/12/2017

      The following account https://www.instagram.com/martipellowoficial  is FAKE. This is NOT Marti and whoever it is they are trying to con fans into paying money for something that he/she claims will be a big help to Marti!  If you have an Instagram account, please go on and report this fake page.  

Marti News!


  1. News And Marti's Updates

    Please post here with anything referring to Marti's updates - his blogs and video blogs!

  2. Marti's Video Blogs!

    Marti's video blogs will be posted here as well as on his main website video blog page.

  3. Marti's Blogs

    Blogs will be posted here for the benefit of those that access the internet on their phones and are unable to view the main part of the website.