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  1. Mary

    Marti Today.

    Marti looks very happy to be back on home territory . Thanks for posting, Lynn!
  2. Mary

    Happy Birthday Susanne!

    Happy Birthday wishes to you, Suzanne! X
  3. Oh no, Glenda! That's what I gladly avoided! Was that at Spinningfields? It seems generous to allow 6hrs for an evening rate, but if you go over that, it is a LOT of money!!
  4. Mary

    Thank You Debbie!

    I certainly do!! It really is good of you to share all the links to interviews that you search out, Debbie! Thanks VERY much!
  5. I agree, Steve, it was a fabulous performance from Marti & his band on Saturday, in Manchester. He has such an incredible amount of energy & seemed to thoroughly enjoy himself It was just a pity about the ladies arguing down by the stage & someone's phone going off (twice!) which was a bit of a distraction!! It was lovely to see a few of you there,...Angie, Emma, Glenda, Steve (sorry I had to dash off-I was getting close to going over my parking time, which would've been very costly!), Ange & Joyce. Enjoy the rest of the tour, everyone!
  6. If anyone on here is going to tonight's opening gig in Swansea, I hope you have a fantastic time, though there's no doubt you will, in my opinion!! The same goes to everyone going to any of the shows. Safe travels and enjoy!! Don't forget to post reviews on here!! I hope to see some of you in Manchester on Saturday!
  7. Mary

    Chat Night Friday, 11th May!

    I'm heading off to bed now, too. Goodnight everyone ENJOY THE SHOWS YOU GET TO ON THE TOUR!!!!!
  8. Mary

    Chat Night Friday, 11th May!

    Ooh this Paul Young song is the one Graeme Duffin used to sing a bit of at WWW gigs! There's a coincidence!
  9. Mary

    Chat Night Friday, 11th May!

    Goodnight Steve. See you in Manchester!
  10. Mary

    Chat Night Friday, 11th May!

    Ah I do like this song of Robert Palmer's
  11. Mary

    Chat Night Friday, 11th May!

    Ooh Marti's own choice of song..Robert Palmer!
  12. Mary

    Chat Night Friday, 11th May!

    Hi Barbara!
  13. Mary

    Chat Night Friday, 11th May!

    It was a bit tricky listening to the radio & the TV being a bit ahead!! OK now WIWL is on though!
  14. Mary

    Chat Night Friday, 11th May!

    Oh I never knew that Lynn!!! I think George was great!