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  1. Just managed to listen to this. Thanks Lynn for the link. It was a great interview & lovely to hear Marti singing on the radio. Especially lovely to hear Connection-a very gentle almost fragile version of a fabulous song!
  2. Have a fantastic time & safe journeys, everyone. Looking forward to hearing all about it...don't forget to post to let those us us who aren't going know how it goes, PLEASE!
  3. When I first got the Mysterious album I couldn't wait to hear it & put it on before reading the CD booklet. I find that mainly, Marti's singing is clear & it's easy to pick out the lyrics but in the song 'Connection' I was convinced there was a line ''if it's just a confection it don't last that long' Well, I thought, it's true a confection never lasts that long in my house!! Then I realised the lyric actually is ''if it's just fake affection'. Has anyone else realised they've mistaken any lyrics from Marti's songs?
  4. Ooh, exciting! I won't be able to hear it as it happens, but will be able to catch up with it later in the day. Thanks for letting us know, Lynn
  5. Sorry if I'm being a bit slow here, but I didn't see the voting for the Advent calendar & can't find a thread about it now either . They are all always great, so it would have been difficult to vote anyway, I guess! Well done to you, Julie for getting the most votes for yours & congrats to all of you on the votes you got. It's a lovely gesture for Marti's management to send you all a signed photo.
  6. Thanks for that run through of Marti's solo work, Lynn . It's reminded me of some tracks I haven't played recently-especially on some of the singles. I must dig them out & play them again.
  7. Thanks Lynn, that's a lovely photo of Marti & Madelena. I bet they had fun catching up with each other. I've just been remembering about some of the funny video clips they made when they were in Evita together . Thanks for the links too. I've just got around to catching up with this programme. It's a pity they didn't put Marti & Madelena's performances among the video clips but it's great to hear them. I case anyone hasn't found it, here's the link to it on the iPlayer The intro to Madelena & Marti is on at about 1hr, 7min 40sec. Marti's performance is at 1hr 12min 12sec.
  8. I totally agree with you, Lynn!
  9. I can't possibly pick out one track as a favourite-it's a great album. I DO love Connection, Sunrise Never fails & Feels Like I'm In well as all the other tracks! LOL!
  10. I agree it was a brilliant tour & great to hear more of his own back catalogue. Great stuff, Marti!
  11. Hello everyone! It's been a long time! Thanks for your perseverance in getting the forum running again, Lynn!
  12. Happy to say my tickets for Manchester and York arrived this morning .
  13. Thanks for posting that, Lynn-very atmospheric I think & it's making me even more eager to hear the whole album!
  14. I've just discovered we can comment on the photos here! Thanks for the photo, Marti-looks like a cosy cardi you have on! Enjoy yourself out & about on the promo trail!
  15. I might get in there but if I can make it, it'll be fairly late-I know you're a lot of night owls though, so hope to chat to some of you on Friday!