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  1. It's a pity but also very understandable that you're closing the forum, Lynn. You've put in such a lot of hard work to keep it going over the years & I feel I have got to know a good number of people far better than I would have without it. It is appreciated. There has been a lot of fun on here and members knew you'd give us reliable information too-thanks for giving us a place for that, Lynn. Hope to see some of you during future tours. Mary x
  2. Thanks very much for posting that link, Lynn. Also, looking at Marti's Facebook, he really looks the part in that fabulous costume!
  3. Great news, Lynn!! Thanks very much for all you do. I like the new photo
  4. I've had a bit of catching up to do with Marti's news & it struck me that because I'm not a Facebook member & not likely to be, there are times when I'd like to respond to something on Marti's Facebook but obviously can't do that directly, so I thought I'd post some thoughts on here. Firstly, a very belated Happy Marti Pellow Day to all! It's great to see all the photos that have been posted on the Fanchannel page! Secondly, I'm SO pleased for Marti to be appearing at Glastonbury! That's fantastic! Presumably it'll be an acoustic set, as he's appearing on the acoustic stage. What a treat that'll be for anyone who gets to hear it. Thirdly, I'm so pleased to know that Marti has been doing some recording and at least some of it in Memphis with Boo Mitchell. Great news!! and lastly for now, the Fanchannel page seems to have had a great response. Long may it continue!
  5. Those sound like interesting venues-especially Poole Lighthouse!! Thanks for the info, Lynn. Those are all too far from me, so I'll hang on to see what other venues are announced. These look great for those of you in the South West and the far South East, though!
  6. Thanks very much for the info, Lynn. Looking forward to finding out more!!
  7. Marti looks very happy to be back on home territory . Thanks for posting, Lynn!
  8. I don't care whether Marti has a beard or not, whatever colour it is! Just as long as he sings!
  9. Looks like you were enjoying yourself there, Marti! Hope you enjoyed the meal too. It all looks delicious! Best wishes for a good Burns Night.
  10. Aah, looks like you're enjoying the snow, Marti! We had a short fall of snow at the weekend, but it soon turned to rain . Please build a snowman, Marti , to put a smile on our faces! XX
  11. Ah, that's great, Marti. Thanks for posting that. You're always busy it seems! XX
  12. Phew! I was only buying for Manchester today & managed to get 4th row . The 'select your own seat' tool didn't seem to work, unless I was missing something or someone else was trying to select the same at the same time. If I was trying for more than one venue, I'd have been in a panic but happy with what I've got. Hope it's gone well for everyone.
  13. He can't keep on like this for much longer.....surely!
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