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  1. The Winners Are.......

    What a lovely surprise ... signed photo arrived today
  2. The Winners Are.......

    Thank you xx
  3. Marti in USA

    Might be a bit far .... but would love to see him on Broadway!!
  4. The Album!

    Best recent album by far but still love MoM ... will have to go back and have another listen to,pick favourite..oh the hardship
  5. Welcome Back!!

    I'm in ...
  6. For Those Of You Not On FB......

    Easy on the eye don't ya know
  7. Earlier Pre-sale!

    Excited now!!!!!
  8. Members Only Area.

    Fantastic opportunity ... going to have to give this some thought .. I'll be back x
  9. A Great Message From Marti Today!

    So the planning starts in anticipation!!! Thanks for letting us know Marti ...so grateful you work so much xxx
  10. Even More Exciting News!

    Thank you Marti ... A very special Christmas this year .. a feast for the ears and the eyes!!!
  11. Exciting News!

    Thanks Marti, Love to Love the music xx
  12. From Marti!

    What a year you've / we've had .... and we're only 3/4 way through!!! Tickets booked, bank balance empty but happy me:) See you soon xx
  13. Happy New Year Message From Marti!

    Knew you wouldn't forget us !! Hope you had a fab Christmas and see you in the New Year ...loads of love xxxxxxx
  14. Marti And Lorraine Kelly.

    and he makes cakes!!! can he get any better .... sing to me and make me cake ... my idea of heaven