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  1. Im going to have to call it a night too people, its been lovely chatting, if only for a while, but my eyes are too tired to stare at the screen now
  2. No low cut tops on the front row then
  3. Yeah, those photos.... That was close!
  4. Bristol was my favourite, then Manchester, then RAH and Bournemouth at the bottom due to venue - various reasons, but for me, Bristol was the best atmosphere, but maybe that was down to where I was in the crowd
  5. Same as Mysterious should really have come out on vinyl
  6. We ask every time, but this tour especially really needed a CD at least, if not a DVD, but I just dont think thats 'him'
  7. I dont get the hype over him. He has a couple of decent songs, but his show dates in Cardiff the last couple of days have had the city and the M4 gridlocked....
  8. The only issues I had were Bournemouth really, the not being able to stand up thing, and the drunk woman who kept coming down to the front and standing in front of me, whether we were allowed to stand or not. Thankfully she got told to go back numerous times