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      FAKE Instagram Account!   10/12/2017

      The following account https://www.instagram.com/martipellowoficial  is FAKE. This is NOT Marti and whoever it is they are trying to con fans into paying money for something that he/she claims will be a big help to Marti!  If you have an Instagram account, please go on and report this fake page.  


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  1. Who Remember This?

    Mike has put a lot of mine from VHS on to the PC - but not sure what to do with them yet. A lot is already on You Tube from other people
  2. Chat Nights

    Im easy - any night, although by Friday Im usually asleep on the sofa by 9pm (rock'n'roll) How about weekend nights?
  3. Who Remember This?

    I cant believe that this was that long ago!
  4. Tickets delivered

    We have our Manchester ones. I couldnt book any tickets personally because I was teaching, so I dont get the excitement of them plopping onto my doormat
  5. Tour Details So Far

    Lets have a chance to save up before we have any more announced eh
  6. Made In Bristol - Aladdin Interview

    Thank you Getting excited now - my nearest 'big' panto cant wait
  7. Plymouth Pavillion - 27th March 2017 - Group photo

    Am I catching flies?
  8. Steve's End Of Show Photos!

    Dont know how I missed being in the Rhyl one, I was definitely there
  9. Fantasy greatest hits list or cd

    I want All I know and The Island on my list too - I think Im going for a multi-disc box set
  10. Fantasy greatest hits list or cd

    In no particular order - my absolute favourite changes all the time: 1. I don't know why 2. Mysterious 3. Close to you 4. Hard to Cry 5. Just can't turn back now 6. I surrender 7. Come back home 8. Luck be a lady 9 With a little help from my friends (Joe Cocker style from Marti Pellow sings...) 10. My life 11. Angel 12.I can let go now 13.Universal bus (snuck that one in although not off an album) 14.Fire and Rain 15. Finishing line (another cheat) Can I have a Volume 2?
  11. 2x tickets for 12th September

    Would have been either someone I actually know, or at least someone who knows Im a fan too!
  12. 2x tickets for 12th September

    No longer available due to someone on Facebook reporting me to the Stables as a tout (I would make a pretty rubbish one charging what we paid for the tickets lol) Luckily the Stables refunded us for them instead (it was them that suggested trying to sell the duplicates before they would consider refunding us) Can't believe someone would sink so low as to report me!
  13. Two tickets 12th September at The Stables, Milton Keynes. Seats CE17 and 18. £75 for the pair (face value plus booking fee) (Lynn, not sure if this is the right place to post this, please feel free to move if not - thanks)
  14. Lytham - MIGHT Be Live Streamed Tonight

    He wasn't on the live stream, but was on the radio, and you can listen again - BUT his first song is split between programmes - he starts at the very end of the 8pm programme, then you have to skip to the next one to hear the rest
  15. Lytham - MIGHT Be Live Streamed Tonight

    Managed to catch him on BBC Radio Lancashire