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  1. Roline

    Happy Birthday, Caroline - 20/01

    It came on with a vengeance Monday...... Had a stinking cold all week
  2. Roline

    Happy Birthday, Caroline - 20/01

    Oooh, thank you Steve
  3. Same game, Lyrics run through Google translate a random number of times, but this time they are Wets lyrics. Can you work these out? 1. (I think one line gives this one away) So, if you want to Do not listen to me, And you hear my prayers And the truth is that it is not He lives millions of people The whole reason 2. First of all we go to the car on this path I am very close. I repeat. I repeat. Thank you very much But that's easy Different payments and important calculations No, no, but not Please look at my quality 3. Speech speech They will do it The clouds are eating To extinguish traffic light For this reason, the time worked 4. (This one had me in stitches :D) it's the same it's the same it's the same it's the same 5. Please open my eyes and laugh. Please show me your ideas and ideas. In all people's eyes Approaching my point of view In a few minutes You have been planning for a long time. Draw each time I'm waiting for my life
  4. 1,2,3 and 5 correct - what is 4....
  5. Roline

    Happy Birthday, Caroline - 20/01

    Thank you very much. Thankfully whatever was brewing Friday night came to nothing, I think it was just the end of a long week!
  6. Yes! Somewhere along the line, Google changed Venus to Venice!
  7. Well done Lynn and Eve, how about the others?
  8. I have put a few song lyrics into Google Translate and translated into a random number of different languages and then back into English. Can you work out what songs these are? My favourite line is 'I offer goods that form my cat' LOL Have fun, and if you get these, I will see if I can do some more and get them to paste properly 1. Mixed it does not mean winter Tangent This does not mean your day. Medication may be reduced This room is not permanent. However, I have never seen it before. He is not here. 2. But I am happy I'm home The sun is a house Here are my letters From Venice to Rome Life is our letters And our nose. 3. I know I'm always in my heart. Like precious moments that have no hands on me Think about it with others Sir, he will kill me. Night and night It is only dark obscurity All my ideas have gradually fallen. 4. Where to start You know that love is a way Name my soul The treasures inside were filled With my return at your fingertips All the disadvantages we have done You can preach to do it 5. It's a wonderful night in the city day. No sound comes out! The time has come, the title is bad, it has not disappeared I offer goods that form my cat Flight planes and horse riding. But I don't care about my silence
  9. Roline

    Forum Christmas Party!

    Sorry to miss it, I was at my work Christmas party, and was back too late (and a bit too drunk) to make it on.....
  10. Roline

    17th December

    So who is our mystery poster?
  11. Due to unforeseen circumstances, I have one front row ticket available for the matinee show on 27th December if anyone fancies keeping me company.