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    Another Fake

    I don't understand why people feel the need to do this, although with some of the social media things I have seen in the last week or so, I know there is a troll around, so it doesn't surprise me
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    14th December

    Haha, thats brill, I wonder when that was taken????
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    New WWW member

    My sentiments exactly. I have a ticket to see them in Cardiff, and IF I go, Im afraid this will be the closure I need to say goodbye to WWW But hey, lets look forward to whatever Marti does for us next x
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    10th December

    I know I have used this one before, but it is still my favourite
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    9th December

    A bit chilly in that snow I think.....
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    6th December

    Im sure my reason was I had posted too many photos Lovely pic Samantha
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    5th December

    Hi Sandra, welcome to the forum - nice advent pic
  8. I will try not to put any obvious spoilers, but to anyone going to see Aladdin over the festive season, you will not be disappointed. The story line obviously has remained unchanged, but the content and effects and constumes have varied slightly from the previous productions in Birmingham, Glasgow and Bristol, some of which due to the size of the theatre. Ricky K is a fantastic and energetic Wishee Washee, so much so, it appears he injured himself Saturday evening at some point! David Robbins returns as the Widow Twanky with her outlandish costumes designed by David and wonderful array of wigs he creates himself. Alexis Gerred returns as Aladdin and Landi Oshinowo as the stern Empress of China (although she relents once Aladdin becomes rich, hmmm) Anyone who has seen the show at the other venues will be familiar with the songs written by Marti and Grant Mitchell, and in addition, Aladdin, Princess Jasmine and the ensemble sing and dance to something very familiar to anyone who has seen Marti or the Wets live in the past. We were certainly singing and dancing in our seats. My face absolutely ached from laughing, although many of the puns and skits have been used before.
  9. Ive been lucky to meet him a few times now, but do I ever actually say anything that makes any sense?? nope
  10. Absolutely worth the 4 am start and taking off from Bristol i high winds!! Despite over zealous security constantly telling us to sit down, even when Marti told us to stand (same old, same old) the atmosphere was electric. I don't recall audiences at the other shows I did during the first leg of the tour joining in and singing as loudly as the Dublin crowd! The set list had altered slightly from the first leg, with the inclusion of How Do You Keep The Music Playing. Highlights for me were probably the best rendition of Temptation I have ever heard, Let the Sun Walk you Home and Enough to be on your way, but loved it from beginning to end.
  11. Roline

    Meeting Marti

    Did you manage to meet Marti?
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    Sorry, Im not very eloquent, but I will do my best
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    Friday Night Chat 19th Oct

    Anyway, good night , speak soon