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  1. Hi Roline

    I know I am behind at keeping in touch on this forum but I just wanted you to know that I adore that photo of you with Marti taken last year . You both hugging each other - it makes me smile a lot . Funnily enough just thought he made the album 'Smile" too. 

    Love Paula. 

    P.S. I love your art work . You may remember me from KOKO and Tatton Park shows. 

  2. Fingers crossed for at least one venue I can get to!!!!
  3. Such a shame this is a monday evening in term time. Had it have been a Saturday I would have loved to go, I love the Island
  4. My Mum would dearly love to see Marti with me, so entered, but not sure where she would manage going to see him Im already going to Bristol What am I saying, wont win anyway, so hope I can take Mum to see him another time
  5. I love this, hope he isn't snowed in, or if he is, he has plenty of supplies Now I have I Wish in my head.... Went on a boat going down by the river, for plenty more supplies.......
  6. Hmm, I can see me needing to spend some quality time with my photos this weekend
  7. What a lovely Christmas present for someone Good luck everyone
  8. I really hope this becomes a regular thing. Tommy really embraced the whole Instagram thing during the Wets tours, and still uses it now, posting old photos of the band and just general day to day photos, which is fab. Looking forward to more Marti posts
  9. Went on the opening night and laughed so hard... This is the third year in a row I have seen Aladdin for obvious reasons although this year I havent had to drive for hours or fly to get there... and I really do think this is the best one of the three for humour and the rapport between the cast, excellent Love the guyliner
  10. He wasn't on the live stream, but was on the radio, and you can listen again - BUT his first song is split between programmes - he starts at the very end of the 8pm programme, then you have to skip to the next one to hear the rest
  11. Managed to catch him on BBC Radio Lancashire
  12. Ditto Mandy and I - going to be a struggle and I think we will be pretty useless the next day!! Marti, a lot of us work in education, can you bear that in mind please??? lol
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