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      FAKE Instagram Account!   10/12/2017

      The following account https://www.instagram.com/martipellowoficial  is FAKE. This is NOT Marti and whoever it is they are trying to con fans into paying money for something that he/she claims will be a big help to Marti!  If you have an Instagram account, please go on and report this fake page.  


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  1. What Everyone Has Been Waiting For.....

    A lot of people are saying they can’t get there seat at front & ones complaining about price. I don’t care about the price & my 2 kids that seen Marti before n wets want a seat. But if my area had been there I would wait if I couldn’t get front on presale, they done it again just wish they wouldn’t hold front ones. Somewere luch to get seats they wanted. good luck all love Zill
  2. What Everyone Has Been Waiting For.....

    Wonderful news Lynn, hoping & waiting for more dates. It’s been a very exciting few days.. But also so annoyed at the people who are going on & on about bad things. I am sure you have seen the posts, they spoil things for everyone.. Good luck everyone getting tickets in pre sale this time x luv Zill xx
  3. Hiya

    Hi, just got back in finally been trying for a while so glad to be back missed you zill. X
  4. Which Gigs?

    Was so hard to get tickets in the presale, couldnt get any in glasgow, so going to carlisle... so all booked hotel just hope its a better new yr for us all. xx
  5. Mysterious Promo Video!

    Looks stunning whos the lucky lady in the video. x
  6. Scottish Sun interview - 9 December

    Thanks Marti , that was a nice read into what hopefully will happen in the future. Yeah we had Riverdance over here for years. But the Scots have some wonderful history. x
  7. It Is Almost Panto Time!!

    I am heading on Friday long journey but excited, was going for the 17th but other day booked the 16th as we arrive around 2pm so might as well hope pray that i see Marti for the first time but so excited about the panto now... counting the days. x love zill x
  8. Aladdin tickets for tomorrow for sale

    Thats great news Joyce, so hopefully i will meet alot of new fans. Been to glasgow on day trip and got a friend lives there but never stays there or been to an event, so counting the days now ..so excited. x
  9. Saturday

    Hi All, I missed the site, so glad I came across it on FB, Hope everyone's well, had a tough yr so hope to get to see Marti in Aladdin next month so excited now it's coming in fast, abit like Xmas Love zill x
  10. Back Again!!!

    Hi, Thanks Lynn finally in.. Post later thanks xx
  11. Happy New Year Message From Marti!

    Hiya Marti, Lovely to see in your beautiful Hat.. I know you be feeling for all your family anf friends not with you at Christmas time. Hope you had a Enjoyed and Relaxed Holidays. Hope to see you this Year somewherre. lots of love zill xx