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    Passing On Sad News

    Pauline was a lovely lady, though I didn’t get to met her. Very sad news, love to all the family xxx
  2. Marti15

    Marti Today.

    It great to see Marti so happy and well and on top form, zill. X
  3. Thanks for sharing Joyce, wonderful pics love Zill.
  4. Marti15

    Happy Birthday Susanne!

    HAppy birthday Suzanne, hope you have a lovely day, x
  5. Marti15


    Happy Marti Pellow day all xx
  6. Marti15

    SPOILER - Excellent Dubai Review!

    Really brilliant review, must go and checked out the Dubai videos .. Countin* the weeks now where has the weeks gone come around so fast. love Zill x
  7. Marti15

    Tour Support!

    Great news Lynn, didnt see him down for Scotland ? love Zill xx
  8. Marti15

    Tour Details So Far

    Hi Lynn, any news yet for us Irish fans as we are nearly end of March and tour starting soon, zill
  9. Marti15

    Happy Mother’s Day

    Happy Mother’s Day to you all here in uk. Hope you have a nice day and ge5 well spoilt. Thinking of everyone who’s mum not with them also love n hugs Zill xx❤️
  10. Happy Valentine’s Day to everyone on the forum. Congratulations to the lucky winner Suzanne xx have a good day all xx
  11. Hi Lynn, is there any new dates realeased as still waiting on Irish dates and we are now in January.. Seen advert on Twitter for the Irish village day so daubi in April ?
  12. Marti15

    Any new dates

    Thanks Lynn, i got a shock as we all been waiting since October and nothing then seen this. The Irish village caught me off till I seen where it is. thanks again, x
  13. Marti15

    Any new dates

    Has anyone else seen this and what is it all about. still waiting on Irish dates zill x
  14. Marti15

    Christmas Smile From Marti!

    Hi, have any of you heard Marti on the breeze. i can’t seem to get it here. help luv n hugs xx
  15. Marti15

    Another Date Added

    Just seen it Lynn, was disappointed thought it was one for me..plz plz plz taken so long been waiting since October boohoo luv n hugs xx
  16. Marti15


    Marti looking stunning. Miss out this yr be super cool have fun all xx
  17. Marti15

    What Everyone Has Been Waiting For.....

    A lot of people are saying they can’t get there seat at front & ones complaining about price. I don’t care about the price & my 2 kids that seen Marti before n wets want a seat. But if my area had been there I would wait if I couldn’t get front on presale, they done it again just wish they wouldn’t hold front ones. Somewere luch to get seats they wanted. good luck all love Zill
  18. Marti15

    What Everyone Has Been Waiting For.....

    Wonderful news Lynn, hoping & waiting for more dates. It’s been a very exciting few days.. But also so annoyed at the people who are going on & on about bad things. I am sure you have seen the posts, they spoil things for everyone.. Good luck everyone getting tickets in pre sale this time x luv Zill xx
  19. Marti15


    Hi, just got back in finally been trying for a while so glad to be back missed you zill. X
  20. Marti15

    Back Again!!!

    Hi, Thanks Lynn finally in.. Post later thanks xx
  21. Marti15

    Happy New Year Message From Marti!

    Hiya Marti, Lovely to see in your beautiful Hat.. I know you be feeling for all your family anf friends not with you at Christmas time. Hope you had a Enjoyed and Relaxed Holidays. Hope to see you this Year somewherre. lots of love zill xx