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  1. Nickyb

    Meeting Marti

    Was nearer six hopefully next I’ll make it on time
  2. I don’t think I’d say to much either would be a dream come true
  3. The Belfast and Dublin dates were amazing loved every second of it. Saw him in Liverpool too so the change in set list was fab and the stories he told were so emotional. Despite being told to sit down in both venues they gave up in the end in Belfast lol. Can’t wait for the next chapter and another chance to meet him.
  4. Nickyb

    Meeting Marti

    Hi not this time. Just missed him going in Belfast and was late getting down to Dublin we drove from outside Belfast. Will keep trying thanks for asking.
  5. Really looking forward to the dates been a long time from I’ve seen Marti in Belfast
  6. Hi Everyone its getting close to our Irish dates just wondering if anyone has any advice on how best to meet Marti. I’ve loved him from day one and after a really tough year it’s a dream to meet him and get a picture thank u
  7. Nickyb

    Irish Dates!!

    Best news and something to look forward too although I did catch Marti in Liverpool he was fab