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  1. Happy New Year From Marti!

    Thank you for the lovely message. Happy new year to you too Marti
  2. Happy New Year!

    Happy new year Lynn, Marti and everyone
  3. Christmas Eve!

    Merry Christmas to you and your family Lynn. Thank you for your hard work with the forum. I know social media might have taken over but I hope the forum will stay, it’s such a friendly place Happy New Year to all the forum members. Oh I almost forgot, lovey picture Lynn
  4. 13th December

    That's very good Caroline
  5. 14th December

    Nice picture Mandy
  6. Forum Christmas Party

    I think you should chose the 23rd for the Christmas party. 2 voted for this date and it seems like this date is best for most members, and it's close to Christmas
  7. 11th December

    Great picture Toa
  8. 12th December

    Nice picture Steve
  9. Forum Christmas Party

    I voted for the 16th. The 22nd and the 23rd are not good for me and with Aladdin on the 21st maybe Saturday could be a suggestion?
  10. LOVE Mysterious!

    Great album, love it
  11. 10th December

    Lovely picture Julie
  12. 8th December

    Nice picture Barbara
  13. 9th December

    Lovely Glenda
  14. Unusual Way

    Thank you for sharing Lynn