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  1. I watched the interview on YouTube since I live in Los Angeles. Marti was wonderful, and gorgeous as usual. He’s my dream man.
  2. strawberimeri

    Latest Marti Message - video now included!

    I always knew Marti was a sizzlin’ hot man. My dream man and favorite singer of all.
  3. strawberimeri

    From Marti.

    My dream man. Marti, you are the best of the best.
  4. strawberimeri

    Happy New Year From Marti!

    Seeing and hearing this man always gets my heart going. My dream man...love to love you Marti. Happy 2018!
  5. strawberimeri

    Fantasy greatest hits list or cd

    1. She Can Lean On Me 2. Sound Of My Breaking Heart 3. This Moment Is Ok 4. Angel 5. Fire And Rain 6. The Missing Sound 7. Loveing Hannah 8. How Can You Mend A Broken Heart 9. Close To You 10. Let The Sun Walk You Home 11. Did You Ever Wake Up? 12. Temptation 13. Angel Eyes 14. Meet You There 15. Mysterious
  6. strawberimeri

    From Marti - 28/07

    Love Marti no matter what he does, at least his wording doesn't seem to imply it's permanent - or forever. These men are all mature enough to never say never. They're all so independent now, must sometimes be hard for them to concede to each other when they're used to doing their "own thing" their own way. Wet Wet Wet together will likely be just a very rare occurrence from here on. Still I'm sad because I'll likely never see WWW perform live together, since I live in the U.S.