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  1. SamanthaK

    Happy New Year From Marti!

    Ah, that is so lovely. A far nicer message than a certain other person posted. I love the fact that Marti is always so nice and never says a bad word about anyone, that is so lovely to see these days. One of the reasons why we alll love him so much!
  2. SamanthaK

    Tour Details So Far

    It certainly would be, fingers crossed.
  3. SamanthaK

    Witches Of Eastwick

    My favourite - wish we could see it again!
  4. SamanthaK

    The Lady With The Mandolin

    Love it!
  5. SamanthaK

    Love Story 2009

    Absolutely beautiful! <3
  6. SamanthaK


    Very cute!
  7. SamanthaK

    Tour Details So Far

    Yes, I would have liked Cardiff too!
  8. SamanthaK


    I like it, Christine!
  9. SamanthaK

    Tour Details So Far

    I am very excited about this tour. Bristol is my nearest but might also be able to get to Bournemouth, fingers crossed.
  10. SamanthaK

    What do you all think .......

    Marti's cryptic clues are about? Another intimate gig would be amazing, fingers crossed!
  11. SamanthaK


    This IS getting exciting!!
  12. It sure would be nice to have a new video message from Marti. He seemed to have a time when he was posting quite often, that was really lovely. So please Marti, can we have a video blog from you please?
  13. I have never been particularly keen on jazz so was unsure about going to see Marti at RS's. WOW, I was blown away - what a fab show! Hope he does it again.
  14. SamanthaK

    Marti as the Narrator

    I loved Blood Brothers!
  15. SamanthaK

    Marti 2016

    Beautiful photo!!