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    Marti Pellow, Wet Wet Wet, walking my dog.
  1. It sure would be nice to have a new video message from Marti. He seemed to have a time when he was posting quite often, that was really lovely. So please Marti, can we have a video blog from you please?
  2. I am hoping to go to London but haven't been able to book it yet.
  3. I have never been particularly keen on jazz so was unsure about going to see Marti at RS's. WOW, I was blown away - what a fab show! Hope he does it again.
  4. I absolutely LOVE Mysterious!!!! I think my favourite is Feels Like I'm In Love but I do love them all!
  5. I loved Blood Brothers!
  6. Beautiful photo!!
  7. I love this!
  8. I am pleased to have found this place for Marti info! I love Smile. I wasn't sure if I would like his solo work but I love it and think he gets better and better!!! What a great back catalogue he has!