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  1. Sue A

    Welcome Back!!

    Yay...great to be back
  2. Sue A

    The Mystery Revealed!!

    FANTASTIC NEWS!! So looking forward to hearing the new album....it sounds like it's going to be another masterpiece.... :D Some brilliant venues on the tour ....now to decide where to go... Thanks Marti.....and Lynn for letting us know xx
  3. Sue A

    Album & Calendar Pre-Order.

    Mine is my Xmas pressie from my son, but he has given me special permission to open it when it arrives....he knows there is no way I would be able to wait till Xmas Day
  4. Sue A

    Album & Calendar Pre-Order.

    Had an email saying my CD and Calendar have been dispatched today...so hopefully will be listening tomorrow....YAY!!!!
  5. A great review Mary...spot on I really enjoyed the day...it was great to see all the different acts ......a great line-up. The Radio Lancashire presenters did an admirable job of 'filling in' between acts and kept the crowd entertained. Marti's 6 song slot went by far too quickly of course, but what a choice of songs...LOVED IT Nice to see you again Mary and lovely to finally meet you Glenda. Roll on Dublin..... :D
  6. Sue A

    Message From Marti!

    Best Smile EVER!!!! Thanks Marti....see you very soon xx
  7. Sue A

    Happy New Year Message From Marti!

    Always good to hear from you Marti......Glad that you are enjoying your time off in much, much warmer climes - it is currently -2 degrees here in West Yorkshire Brrrrrrr! Wishing you a very Happy New Year - looking forward to all that 2015 holds for us Marti-wise......I'm sure you wont let us down Lots of Love n' Smiles Sue xx
  8. Fantastic Marti + The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra = One Fabulous evening!! :D
  9. Sue A

    A Message From Marti!

    Thanks for another update Marti.....more recording? Can only mean another Marti Pellow album.....you spoil us!! Looking forward to Blood Brothers in Sheffield :D
  10. Sue A

    Very Sad News.

    Such sad news.....my love and condolences to you and your family Marti at this sad time xx
  11. Sue A

    Marti On The Lottery Show!

    Fab....will definitely have to buy a ticket this week then!
  12. Sue A

    VERY Exciting News!!!!! :-)

    Thanks for clearing that up Lynn.....does the same apply to debit card payments?
  13. Sue A

    VERY Exciting News!!!!! :-)

    Oh wow....how exciting!! Cannot wait to hear Boulevard of Life. Thank you Marti xxx Thanks Lynn for the news x
  14. Sue A

    Marti In Blood Brothers!

    Great news - thanks Lynn x Can't wait to see Marti walk on in front of that fabulous Liverpool backdrop!!
  15. Sue A

    Official Facebook And Twitter! :-)

    Well deserved indeed! Here's to the next 25,000......xx