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  1. JoanneR

    From Marti - 28/07

    I agree Lynn, i am heartbroken that this has happened, but i only want for Marti to be happy and healthy and if he thinks this is the best thing for him then i respect his decision. Will look forward to his next solo or musical venture xx
  2. JoanneR

    Very Sad News.

    Such sad news. My thoughts are with you Marti xxx
  3. JoanneR

    Marti's New Year Message!

    Happy New Year Marti, hope you had a lovely christmas. Just love your video blogs! Hope you have a happy and healthy 2014 and I will look forward to seeing you in Evita and whatever else you have planned for us! Thank you for giving us so much to enjoy this year. Take care Joanne x
  4. JoanneR

    Christmas Eve 2013.

    What a lovely picture! You have truly spoilt us this year Marti, have already got some Evita booked for next year and look forward to what else you have planned for us. Have a lovely Christmas and New Year and a well earned rest. Love Joanne x
  5. JoanneR

    Marti's Post On FB

    Thanks for posting the above Lynn x Marti, hope you read this. I have been one of your many fans since 1987, have travelled the country watching you with The Wets, your solo work, and every one of your musicals, i do this because i love your music, and adore watching you in musicals. I love going on these wonderful journeys with you and i am always looking forward to what your next venture will be. But throughout all these years i have not once waited at a stage door to meet you, i have many friends who do, and they are always telling me how much time you give to them and how much they appreciate it, but i have never wanted to, i feel i pay my money to watch you on stage and after that it is your own personal time, you must be so tired after shows so i have never wanted to take up any of your time. I think any time that you do talk to fans before and after shows should be an absolute privalege for them and i know the friends that i have see it that way. I am sorry that some people do not give you the respect and privacy that you deserve. You bring so much happiness into my life with your work, and i always have something to look forward to as you work so hard and are always touring with one show or another. I look forward to seeing Evita again in Sheffield next week, and THANK YOU for bringing alot of happiness into people's lives through your music. Take Care x
  6. JoanneR

    New Blog And Fantastic New Photos - 25/10

    Thanks for the blog Marti! Lovely photos Hope the rehearsals are going well!
  7. JoanneR

    Marti Is Feeling Much Better!! 11/07

    That's brilliant news Take Care Marti x
  8. JoanneR

    Marti In Cardiff 08/07

    Totally agree with you Lynn, of course i am disappointed as i had tickets to see him last Saturday in Milton Keynes and for Cardiff tomorrow, but his health has to come first, it doesn't bear thinking about if something affected his voice permanently. Get Well Soon Marti x
  9. JoanneR

    Marti Back On Stage Tonight!!!

    That's brilliant news Lynn
  10. JoanneR

    Marti Update.

    Thanks for keeping us updated Lynn. And i totally agree with you Helen, i have got front row tickets for Saturday's show, and although i will be upset if he isn't going to be in that performance, i wish him all the best for a speedy recovery and i am thankful it wasn't too serious.
  11. JoanneR

    New blog - 30th December

    Thanks for the blog Marti! It's good to hear the rehearsals are going well, really looking forward to seeing the show Happy New Year Love Joanne x
  12. JoanneR

    New Blog 14/12

    Marti, thanks for finding the time to write us a new blog, sounds like you are very busy at the moment! Glad you are looking forward to Jekyll & Hyde, i can't wait to see you in it Love Joanne x
  13. JoanneR

    Private Messages

    Hi Lynn, I have tried to send you a private message but i don't think it's working. If it is, sorry, you might have 3 or 4 of the same thing, if you haven't received them can you let me know what i need to do to sort the problem out. Many Thanks
  14. JoanneR

    New Blog 21/10

    Thanks for the update Marti! Can't wait to hear these new songs. You really are spoiling us with new music and Jekyll and Hyde to look forward to! Take care Joanne x
  15. JoanneR

    Exciting new blog from Marti!! - 06/10

    Thanks for letting us know Marti! Sounds like you are very busy at the moment, and i'm sure we will love the music when we hear it. Joanne x