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      My Private Collection   08/09/2017

      Marti will be doing two very special shows at The Stables, Milton Keynes on 11th and 12th September. "My Private Collection" - an intimate evening of special songs that are close to his heart. This will be an evening to remember and one not to be missed!!!  https://stables.org/event/marti-pellow
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      Friday Chats from 9pm   08/14/2017

      Join us every Friday from 9pm for great chat in good company!


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  1. From Marti - 15/08

    Hi guys - love my new glasses? I will be able to see you from a far now - though won’t need them for the gig at the stables as you will be so close to me! Looking forward to a catch up and singing for you - all love to love …marti…x
  2. 2x tickets for 12th September

    Lots of people had duplicates, myself included, because of the problems on the Stables website. I can't believe that someone reported you, how ridiculous!!
  3. Lytham - MIGHT Be Live Streamed Tonight

    I might be tempted to watch it then!!
  4. Lytham - MIGHT Be Live Streamed Tonight

    No competition Joyce!!! I used to love Poldark but haven't watched the new ones.
  5. Hej

    Tak fordi du også! Jeg håber, sammen med andre fans!
  6. Lytham - MIGHT Be Live Streamed Tonight

    I didn't know Joyce.
  7. Lytham - MIGHT Be Live Streamed Tonight

    Sorry, they just confirmed it won't be streamed.
  8. Lytham Festival is being streamed live on the internet - on Facebook and their YouTube channel. I asked earlier in the week if Marti's set would be streamed and they said no. Today they keep posting that the WHOLE show will be live streamed so it might be worth checking! https://www.facebook.com/lythamfestival/ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tozKMZHLxF0
  9. As you are all aware tickets are now on sale for Marti's shows at The Stables. Marti is calling these shows - "My Private Collection" - as it will be an intimate evening of special songs that are close to his heart. This will be an evening to remember and one not to be missed!!! Can't wait!! https://stables.org/event/marti-pellow
  10. Animal Lovers

    I would say one quacks and 2 squeak! I am sure that Daisy is a female mallard (one of the squeakers!) and Lucky and Fluffy might be mallard crosses. Fluffy is the one that quacks. I don't know if you can tell by their feathers from this video - if not I will get some proper photos tomorrow. Ducks.mp4
  11. Unusual Pet

    Very cute, Caroline! I cannot find out why you can't upload bigger pictures.
  12. Animal Lovers

    I will show you some photos later!
  13. Exciting News!

    We wanted you all to be the first to know - that Marti is doing two special nights at The Stables in Wavendon (https://stables.org) on the 11th and 12th September. Entitled "My Private Collection" it will be an intimate evening of songs that are close to his heart. We believe this event will be announced and tickets will become available on The Stables' website from the 4th August... https://stables.org/tickets
  14. Broadway Debut!

    On this day in 2004, Marti made his debut on Broadway! What an achievement that was!!! Here are a few cuttings etc. relating to that time. If anyone has anything else, please share it with us!
  15. Unusual Pet

    I wonder what is the most unusual pet that any of us have. Nothing really unusual for me, although we did have a stick insect for a while. My boys called it Lord Stick but then it started laying eggs so became Lady Stick!