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      Join us every Friday from 9pm for great chat in good company!
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      FAKE Instagram Account!   10/12/2017

      The following account https://www.instagram.com/martipellowoficial  is FAKE. This is NOT Marti and whoever it is they are trying to con fans into paying money for something that he/she claims will be a big help to Marti!  If you have an Instagram account, please go on and report this fake page.  


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  1. From Marti!

    Hello guys, sitting by the piano the other day writing away... thinking it's been a while since I post pic and ask how you are all doing... love to love marti…
  2. Chat Nights

    I can't do weekends or Wednesdays. This week we will try Thursday and Friday, see who is around each night,
  3. Who Remember This?

    From Children In Need 14 years ago! The picture quality isn't the best but still good to watch!
  4. Question For Guests

    Would more of you join in if you didn't have to be registered or logged in?
  5. Chat Nights

    I am wondering if more people could join in with our chats if they were held on a different night. I can't do Wednesdays but I don't HAVE to be there. As most people have to work during the week, I have suggested an 8pm start, except for Fridays. Anyone can post here, members and guests alike so please let me know your thoughts and preferred night. Thanks
  6. BristolShoppingQuarter.co.uk interview

    Thanks Debbie, I hadn't seen this one!
  7. Marti Artikel

    Ich werde Sie hier Posten, wenn ich etwas mehr finde.
  8. On This Day In 2001.....

    Marti appeared on BBC's Children In Need. It is hard to believe it was 16 years ago!!! I've Been Around The World-CIN.mp4
  9. Marti Artikel

    Ich hatte diese abgelegt. Ich habe wahrscheinlich mehr!
  10. I Wonder.......

    How many of you were in Ipswich on this night in 2000? It was at the Regent Theatre, Ipswich where Marti started his very first solo tour! I didn't get to Ipswich but was lucky enough to be at his two shows at the Royal Albert Hall! It was amazing to hear some of Marti's brand new solo songs that hadn't even been released! Did You Ever Wake Up and All I Ever Wanted were real stand out songs for me, still two of my favourites! Who else saw Marti on this tour and what are your stand out memories?
  11. Marti Artikel

    Ich fand mehr deutsche Artikel, diese sind etwa Marti von 2000/2001 Ich hoffe, Sie können Sie lessen.
  12. Tickets delivered

    They were quick!
  13. Tune in tomorrow to hear Marti's interview with Phil Gibbons. http://www.somervalleyfm.co.uk/
  14. 365 Bristol Interview

    Enjoy http://365bristol.com/story/2017/10/23/interview-with-marti-pellow-starring-in-aladdin-at-bristol-hippodrome/5778/