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  1. To everyone that will be seeing Wets over the next few days - have a great time!!
  2. That is true about confection though, Mary! The funniest misheard lyrics that I have heard of (not misheard by me) are - Temptation - "When the big 'uns put their shoes on" Love Is All Around - "I feel it in my fingers, I feel in in my tooth" Does anyone else have anymore?
  3. Pleased to hear it ladies!
  4. Hope you enjoyed that as much as I did - me and Mr Michael Ball - thanks everyone... Marti x
  5. Me and Grant are really looking forward to performing for you this morning on Michael Ball's Radio Two show. Tune in... hey - it's Sunday Morning!
  6. If you missed Marti's live session on Radio 2 this morning, you can now listen again! It probably won't work outside the UK, sadly.
  7. On Sunday morning from 11am, Marti will perform a live session on the Michael Ball Show!
  8. …..hi everyone… not long until the Wets shows - looking forward to it.... what to do today?? any ideas? love to love marti…x
  9. I remember it very well\ There was a problem on the Tube and we only just got there in time. It was a fabulous show and great atmosphere!
  10. Totally agree!!!
  11. Hi Samantha, welcome to the forum! I think a lot of people were unsure at the start but they were all very pleasantly surprised!
  12. I archived the Advent threads, Mary, as they were already really old!
  13. Even though this was working fine last night, today there is an internal error, even after I uninstalled and reinstalled it. Sorry everyone. I might be able to sort it when I get time but that won't be today.
  14. We have a new chat room!! There may be a few teething problems but we can work through them and I can change a few things once I check how it all runs. I have done it through my webhosts so I think it should be "safe". Only registered members can join so please sign up. I will be there from 9pm tonight and hope to see you there!