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  1. From Marti.

    I see you... what are you up to this weekend? …anything nice? …I am off to the seaside for a brisk stroll and happy St Patricks day tomorrow ...x
  2. FAKE Twitter Account

    Thankfully the fake account has been suspended!
  3. FAKE Twitter Account

    Please be aware that this account on Twitter - https://twitter.com/Martiofficial1 is FAKE!!!! Block it!!! There is only ONE official Marti page on Twitter - https://twitter.com/martiofficial as you can see the pages look the same but the fake has a capital M in the address and a number 1 at the end. Whoever it is has been sending messages to fans thanking them for their support. The same thing happened a while ago on Instagram and after the early thank you messages, the person was then trying to get money from fans. Thank you to Dot for bringing this to my attention!
  4. Mother's Day Competition

    Hello Sandra! I did wonder if anyone would spot their clips in the video!
  5. Well done, Glenda! It is brilliant!! Wish we could all taste it!!
  6. Happy Birthday Julie - Friday, 9th

    No idea how I managed to put Friday, 10th!!!! Glad you had a good day, Julie!
  7. Welcome to our new members! Please do join in with posts and chat nights, you will be made very welcome!
  8. Wishing you a very happy birthday Julie! Hope you have a lovely day!!
  9. ***MOTHERS DAY COMPETITION*** Hi everyone, this month Marti is giving away a huge prize for one lucky Mum out there. For a chance to win a pair of tickets to the show of your choice AND a meet and greet with Marti backstage after the show simply like and share this post. The lucky winner will be chosen at random and announced on Sunday 11th March at 11.30am. All tour details can be viewed on Marti's official website - www.martipellowofficial.co.uk Good luck everyone! Love to love x https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=1583678805035092&id=114536515282669
  10. Happy Birthday Lynn

    Thank you all. I have had a lovely day!
  11. Stuck In Dublin!

    Here I am stuck in Dublin on red alert I could think of no better place to be stuck…I adore Dublin ….love to love Marti…x
  12. 27th February

    More snow last night, I love it! Stay warm and safe... love to love Marti…x #Snowmageddon
  13. A friend of mine has got 2 tickets for sale for the Royal Albert Hall gig on 25th May. She just wants face value - £104 for both. Get in touch with me if you are interested.
  14. The Beard!

    ‪Salt n’ pepper beard some people like some don’t. I look like a fisherman I think... love to love Marti x‬
  15. 14th February

    Hiya, happy Valentine's Day love to love… Marti… x