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  1. LynnRoberts


    Very cute little boy!
  2. Come along and join us to talk all things #PrivateCollectionTour! It was lovely to have Amber and Zill chatting with us last Friday and it would be great to have a few more of you joining in. See you from 9pm!
  3. LynnRoberts

    Happy Birthday Susanne!

    I hope you have had a lovely day, Susanne!
  4. LynnRoberts


    Lovely photo Eve and a great memory for you! :)
  5. LynnRoberts

    York Press interview - 16 May

    Thanks Debbie!
  6. Thanks Joyce. This may be controversial but I don't think Marti needs Wets' behind him. The last few times that I saw Wets they sounded fantastic but there was definitely something missing. On this tour, it is great to see Marti looking so happy and relaxed!!
  7. LynnRoberts

    Aladdin 2018

    PANTO NEWS: Marti will be playing the mischievous Abanazar this year at The Orchard Theatre in Dartford from Saturday 8th to Sunday 30th of December 2018 #aladdin #hesbehindyou - book now: bit.ly/2ugjNCH
  8. LynnRoberts

    Tickets For Sale

    Birmingham Symphony Hall on Tues 5th June, 2 x Row U, face value of the tickets if poss, but happy to discuss. If you are intetested contact Jane Bailey or me.
  9. LynnRoberts

    Monument opposite Albert Hall - 25th May 2018 2.jpg

    Very nice, ladies! :)
  10. LynnRoberts

    Thank You Debbie!

    A very big thank you to Debbie for keeping us up to date with Marti's recent interviews! I haven't been online so much recently and haven't even caught up with the interviews yet but really appreciate Debbie's efforts, as I am sure we all do!
  11. LynnRoberts

    Tour starts tonight!!!

    Yes, have a fantastic time everyone and do come back and tell us all about it! :)
  12. LynnRoberts

    Chat Night Friday, 11th May!

    If I can only get to one, it will be that one so we should be fine! Goodnight x
  13. LynnRoberts

    Chat Night Friday, 11th May!

    Night all xx
  14. LynnRoberts

    Chat Night Friday, 11th May!

    I am getting off now too. Thanks to you all for popping in tonight, have a good weekend and hopefully see some of you on tour!