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  1. LynnRoberts

    Lost in translation Wets Edition

    Come on everyone, have a go!
  2. LynnRoberts

    Lost in translation Wets Edition

    Is number 1 Somewhere Somehow? I won't post about the others yet!
  3. Wishing you a very happy birthday, Caroline. Hope you are feeling better
  4. LynnRoberts

    Lost in Translation (The Google Translate Game)

    I think 4 is Close To You!
  5. LynnRoberts

    Lost in Translation (The Google Translate Game)

    Is 5 Sound of My Breaking Heart?
  6. LynnRoberts

    Lost in Translation (The Google Translate Game)

    The first one looks like Hard to Cry, I think I might know some of the others but I will to see what other guesses we get!
  7. LynnRoberts

    Forum Christmas Party!

    Please join us for some Marti chat and Christmas excitement on Friday, 21st from 9pm (UK time). Hope to see lots of you here, although you will need to be a logged in member in order to join in.
  8. LynnRoberts

    Aladdin Review (spoilers)

  9. LynnRoberts

    Happy Christmas Everyone.

    I would like to wish you all a very happy, restful Christmas! Thank you all for supporting this forum through the years. Lots of love, Lynn
  10. LynnRoberts

    24th December

    Thanks to Susanne for this lovely one!
  11. LynnRoberts

    22nd December

    Thanks to Joyce for this one!
  12. LynnRoberts

    19th December

    Here we have another lovely one from Steve!
  13. LynnRoberts

    14th December

    Thank you to Dot for this one!
  14. LynnRoberts

    16th December

    Thank you to Mandy for this lovely one!
  15. LynnRoberts

    17th December

    This was sent to me without a name. Perhaps the person that created it will come on and claim it!
  16. LynnRoberts

    13th December

    Thank you to Daisy for this lovely one!
  17. LynnRoberts

    9th December

    An unusual one from Helen!
  18. LynnRoberts

    8th December

    Another great one from Steve!
  19. LynnRoberts

    21st December

    Lovely, Jo, thank you!
  20. LynnRoberts

    7th December

    Thank you Barbara for this one!
  21. LynnRoberts

    Forum Christmas Party!

    Don't forget to join us tomorrow evening!!
  22. LynnRoberts

    20th December

    That is lovely, thank you Eve!
  23. LynnRoberts

    18th December

    Thank you Caroline!
  24. LynnRoberts

    Another Fake

    If you are on Messenger and get a message from this person, it isn't Marti.
  25. LynnRoberts

    15th December

    Thank you, Caroline!