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  1. Same for me Steve, already busy on the ones I would have gone to or too far away. :(
  2. A very happy birthday Lynn, have a lovely day x x
  3. I am looking and I really don’t know
  4. After reading Lynn and Eve’s correct guesses I can see no 1 now but can’t see no 3 at all
  5. Lost in the translation, I haven’t recognised any yet but have only had a quick look
  6. Hope you’ve all had a great Christmas. We’ve had a hectic but very enjoyable 2 days, relaxing now with a cuppa x x
  7. Lovely x x Merry Christmas everyone x x
  8. Usually watch Sunday brunch as it’s always entertaining, but this weeks was special, Marti looked great and very well x x
  9. Glad to be back, thanks for sorting my log in Lynn x x
  10. Good to be back, thanks for your help getting me on here again Lynn x x
  11. Lovely to hear from you Marti, looking forward to hearing your new songs. Enjoy your time in France x x
  12. You were amazing in Newcastle last night Marti, considering how ill you have been. How you held those notes when you had a chest infection I don't know but you did. Thank you for such a fantastic gig, we all enjoyed singing along.....and along.....and along!!!
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