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  1. My Private Collection..... Well it certainly was Close to You.... One of the songs from the show. The Stables is an amazing setting for what was an amazing set list over the two nights. Following the young, early in her career support the lights went down, the atmosphere and anticipation became electric and the band piped up with Mysterious and to our surprise Marti appeared from the back of the auditorium... Forget the flash entrances by top flight boxers going to the ring Marti shimmied through the audience oozing talent and we knew this was going to be a something special. He stepped onto the stage, and it literally was step height, no barriers, no security bobbing up and down at the front and the roller coaster ride began. It was a roller coaster of emotions, it was full of explanations about how the songs came about, why they were written, or how the covers were arranged. A little glimpse and insight into Martis craft. The tempo remained upbeat and we were treated to a differently arranged version of WIWL and the audience remained on their feet encouraged to dance by Marti, who was so comfortable with his SURROUNDINGS as he went into SLM he stepped back down off the stage and invited members of the front row to join him in a dance! Que change of tempo and Marti is Sat on the edge of the stage with his beautiful controlled vocals, making an amazingly rich sound of Caught up in the Rapture... And the audience was, mesmerised in the rapture. Change of tempo again and we are hearing the Sound of my Breaking Heart... And if we had known then what was to come in some of the set list I think the sound of lots of breaking hearts was floating on clouds over Milton Keynes. But at this point we are boogying away. The next minute we are Sat back down listening to the story of Bobby Caffey and listening to This Moment is OK, a true songwriting masterclass you can imagine the scene and the spiders making bets with one another. The tempo remained very much Mellow Pellow the balladeer as he remained on his chair telling tales of why he loved these songs in his private collection and why he was singing them. The songs in this part of the set were executed to perfection the audience were in awe, almost dumbstruck at the world class artist they were witnessing as he sang a Jackson Brown cover... Something fine. We were next taken around the world with Been Around the World, followed by The Missing Sound, before we were taken to the beach for the perfect selfie with Close to You... And we were. The tempo picked up and we were off to New York for a bit of New York Vibe... The wonderful town where Marti told his story of showing Elton Benny and the Jets. Marti controlled the audience as well as his vocals and we were treated to a sublime rendition of Let the Sun Walk you Home after being told how the song came about after a night out fishing the Missisipi. After the Sun had walked us home it was time for a stroll down the Boulevard of Life. Things then got really emotional with Grant's fantastic version of the Joni Mitchell Song Both Sides Now. This brought tears to my eyes as it has been one of my all time favourites but I have never heard it sung by a man. This was followed by a James Taylor song Enough to be on your way.... after we were given a very personal account of why he had chosen that song. We then went into the Country sound with a nod to the late Glen Campbell and Gentle on my Mind, with a little bit of Everybody's talking at me thrown in for good measure. Marti made his way back through the audience and out of the auditorium. The audience had thunderous applause and the band followed by Marti reappearing for the encore of two songs paying attention to the Wets again with Lip Service and finally Goodnight Girl with the audience becoming the Milton Keynes choir. My words by no means can do justice to just how good or how special these two concerts were. The band and backing vocals were tight led by Grant, Marti was totally relaxed and the trademark smile never left his face (apart from when he was portraying the emotion) and full credit to the audience who acted with decorum enthusiasm and respect. The two nights simply could not have been more perfect. They were right up there with Tenbury Wells and as we know this is now the future... Then the future is bright and full of promise (and it's not often you get to say that these days). Thank you Marti for your vocal masterclass, sharing some of your most personal moments with us and sending us home with smiles on our faces and a yearning in our hearts to continue down this road and leaving us wanting more.
  2. 1st Solo Tour

    I could have sworn I went to Sheffield arena but it must have been Manchester Apollo. Which tour was the arena tour as I know I have seen him solo at Sheffield too.
  3. The Stables - 11th/12th September

    I absolutely can't wait for these gigs.
  4. Who remembers Ronnie Scott's?

    I definitely remember it well infact I will never ever forget those 3 days of commuting from Leeds. Fantastic shows.
  5. Lytham West End Proms

    Just a quick review of Martis performance tonight in Lytham. We arrived and joined the short queue in time to hear Marti soundcheck. Just before that oh how we laughed as the heavens open and he tuned up with Summertime! Fast forward a few hours, and it was freezing the heavens had turned the pressure on the taps to full and thrown in a cold wind for good measure, and after enduring some of the ever changing Cuffe and Taylor rules the show started. The audience were somewhat quiet due to sinking in mud in chairs (apparently no standing but if you had left chair in the car you couldn't get it either... However that's a whole different story... But once i had gone to get our chairs from the car ((through foul means or fair)) we couldn't see the orchestra or some of the artists because the stage was the highest known to man with cameramen blocking the view when you were in the compulsory sitting position). So after seeing very little in the first half but rain and as we could not endure much more cold, it was music to our ears that Marti was opening act 2! Cue "Summertime" again flaunt the rules... We were on our feet. Marti wearing his sharp pin stripe suit and purple shirt positively shimmied across the stage, took up his position front centre and gave the best performance of that song I have seen him give. If 100% effort was required he gave it 1110%!. He owned the stage commanded the orchestra (who were brilliant) totally relaxed in his manner, and loving every second of what he was doing. But oh the irony of Summertime! Cue a white chair for Marti and we were treated to "Where or when" a change of style and showcasing the lower ranges of his voice. Next came "Beyond the Sea" and to be fair we must have looked like we had been under the sea by now! It was a polished sure performance, before the closing number of Martis set "I have dreamed" from The King and I. The performance of this song (up there with my favourite song from the musicals) was sublime. Perfectly executed Martis voice sailing and soaring above the tune of the orchestra, almost as if it was being carried on the crest of a Lytham wave. Beautiful delivery and an amazing way to end the short set. Over too soon but cue us quickly folding the compulsory chairs and exiting stage right! Was it worth getting wet through to the underwear for..... For those 4 songs alone it was. To see the flawless relaxed performance it most definitely was but it tested my endurance to almost breaking point. The great thing is... Having seen tonight... I am certain The Stables IS going to be the performance of the decade. Thank you Marti and 11th September indoors and not in the mud splattered pink folding chair cannot come soon enough. Bring on the future.
  6. Carlisle News & Star interview - 15 November

    Thanks for posting. Sounds like we have an upbeat album to look forward to.
  7. Sunday Post interview - 15 November

    Thanks Debbie, nice little read there.
  8. Good To Be Back!

    I don't think I can see it correctly, I am still getting the same 'home page' although the Forum is different? Should the front page be different also?
  9. 13th September.

    Oh lovely fish and chips besides the seaside beats the boiling hot kitchen I've just finished work in hands down! Enjoy.
  10. Today's Presale.

    Lynn Roberts I had quite a long in depth chat with Dougie about Ticketsales on the last Wets tour, the upshot of the matter is that unfortunately these days artists have to sell out to ticket companies the main, (and shall I say culprit,) being Ticketmaster who have somehow ended up owning the rights to sell tickets at just about every venue, and from what I have learned myself, actually own huge shares in the venues, and without going into depth have the monopoly. That in turn means that the corporate accountant, the underwriter and the insurance etc call the shots. Sadly live music today on a large scale is run by fat cat men in suits, with $ signs for eyes and greed slapped on their forehead. They wouldn't know one and of a guitar from another and the only loyalty they have is to their wallet. The artist (and more often than not the venue) have absolutely no say in anything not who has the best tickets, the date those tickets go on sale... Nothing. Most of all they don't care about our hero worship and lifelong loyalty to an artist because that doesn't light up the monetary markets. The only way to stop it is to stop buying tickets, which in turn would deny ourselves of the biggest pleasure of our social calendar. All that would mean in the long run is the fat cats will find something else and live music will be no more unless streamed online from someone's shed, the venues are just valuable assets to these people, and if audiences dwindle well they sit on land Aldi and Lidl or the next Westfield development would love to snap up. Believe me I'm totally deflated, whereas I have done full tours in the past and absolutely loved every minute of every front row I'm sad to say those days are now gone and as a fan of music I feel sad, especially when it comes to the Wets /Marti that that has gone now. I actually feel disloyal and no one should have the monopoly and right to make me feel that way, but my national living wage should be called national existing wage because to me living is going wild at 15 shows over 3 weeks, on my national existing wage I'll be lucky to get to one. It's wrong, so wrong, . But even if the artist said NO THAT'S TOO EXPENSIVE, it would make no difference. The likes of Ticketmaster seriously need investigating under the monopolies and mergers commission rules but they never will be because the people in power don't want us mere mortals to have fun and be out on the streets. It's a case of I'm alright Jack pull up the ladder these days. Phew that was quite a rant at the end of my working day haven't had one for a while.
  11. The Mystery Revealed!!

    Brilliant news. That tour really flows well and some great venues. See you somewhere in March.
  12. Excited?!

    You I think I know what it is tbh and if I'm right East of the River springs to mind!
  13. From Marti On FB!

    That's what makes a person an ENIGMA.
  14. And Another..... :-)

    As it can't be 2am now in France I'm wondering if he slept all night by the pool lol. Anyway can't bear 2am skinny dipping!
  15. Welcome New Members!

    Yes hello everyone. Please join and share your tour experiences etc nice to see new faces.