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  1. ElaineBAnderson

    Facebook Competition!

    Bless his heart. Elaine x
  2. ElaineBAnderson

    Marti On Instagram

    My husband will keep me up to date with any of Marti's Instagram postings as I don't have Internet access on my mobile. Elaine x
  3. ElaineBAnderson

    Welcome Back!!

    Hiya everyone, great to have this up and running again. x
  4. ElaineBAnderson

    Good To Be Back!

    So glad to see that the forum is back, really missed reading everyone's comments and seeing their photos. x
  5. ElaineBAnderson

    For Those Of You Not On FB......

    Fabulous photo. Elaine x
  6. ElaineBAnderson

    Earlier Pre-sale!

    Fabulous, really looking forward to seeing Marti doing a solo tour again. Elaine x
  7. ElaineBAnderson

    We Are Being Treated This Week.......

    At least you have a little time to chill-out this year Marti, you worked so hard last year. Elaine. x
  8. ElaineBAnderson

    And Another..... :-)

    Lovely Marti, hope you enjoyed your swim. Look forward to the new song. Elaine x
  9. ElaineBAnderson

    A Message From France!

    Looks beautiful and tranquil. Looking forward to the new album as soon as it's available. Elaine x
  10. ElaineBAnderson

    A Message From Marti.

    Aww that's lovely - bless him. Looking forward to the new album. Elaine x