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  1. Happy Birthday Lynn, wishing you a wonderful day. Love from Elaine x
  2. My husband will keep me up to date with any of Marti's Instagram postings as I don't have Internet access on my mobile. Elaine x
  3. Hiya everyone, great to have this up and running again. x
  4. So glad to see that the forum is back, really missed reading everyone's comments and seeing their photos. x
  5. Fabulous, really looking forward to seeing Marti doing a solo tour again. Elaine x
  6. At least you have a little time to chill-out this year Marti, you worked so hard last year. Elaine. x
  7. Lovely Marti, hope you enjoyed your swim. Look forward to the new song. Elaine x
  8. Looks beautiful and tranquil. Looking forward to the new album as soon as it's available. Elaine x
  9. Aww that's lovely - bless him. Looking forward to the new album. Elaine x
  10. Great to hear from you Marti - looking forward to hearing the new songs. Hope that means we might get a tour from you again in the not too distant future. Love from Elaine xxx
  11. That's great news Marti - booked my tickets, Barry and I are looking forward to seeing you in panto again. Elaine xxx
  12. Bless you Marti, sure hope you feel better soon, take care. Elaine xxx
  13. Hello new members, lovely to have you join us. Elaine x
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