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  1. 18th December

    That's so lovely, thanks for sharing Jan. Elaine x
  2. 17th December

    Aww that's lovely. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you too Monique. Elaine x
  3. 16th December

    That's fabulous, thanks for sharing Lynne. Elaine x
  4. 15th December

    That's lovely. Merry Christmas to you too Samantha. Elaine x
  5. 14th December

    Aww that's lovely, thanks for sharing Mandy. Elaine. x
  6. Marti On Instagram

    My husband will keep me up to date with any of Marti's Instagram postings as I don't have Internet access on my mobile. Elaine x
  7. 13th December

    Aww that's fabulous, thanks for sharing Caroline. Elaine x
  8. 12th December

    Aww that's really lovely, thanks for sharing Steve. Elaine x
  9. 11th December

    Aww that's lovely, thanks for sharing Toa. Elaine x
  10. 10th December

    Lovely and cosy with 'The Man In The Mirror', thanks for sharing Julie. Elaine x
  11. 9th December

    How lovely, thanks for sharing Glenda. Elaine x
  12. 8th December

    Ooh, Marti looks lovely in his warm winter jumper, thanks for sharing Barbara. Elaine x
  13. 7th December

    Aww that's so lovely Dot, thanks for sharing. Elaine x
  14. 6th December

    Aww love it! Thanks for sharing Eve. Elaine x
  15. 5th December

    Haha, Marti in his Santa hat - lovely, thanks for posting Helen. Elaine x