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  1. ElaineBAnderson

    Marti - Edinburgh castle - 15th July 2017

    Fabulous photos Joyce, thanks for sharing. Elaine x
  2. ElaineBAnderson

    Happy Birthday, Eve, Monday, 9th

    Happy Birthday Eve, hope you had a lovely day. Elaine x
  3. ElaineBAnderson

    Happy Birthday Lynn

    Happy Birthday Lynn, have a Fabulous Day. Love from Elaine. x
  4. ElaineBAnderson

    Happy Birthday Marion

    Happy Birthday Marion, sure hope you had a lovely day. Elaine x
  5. ElaineBAnderson

    Facebook Competition!

    Bless his heart. Elaine x
  6. ElaineBAnderson

    Marti On Instagram

    My husband will keep me up to date with any of Marti's Instagram postings as I don't have Internet access on my mobile. Elaine x
  7. ElaineBAnderson

    13th September

    Bless him. Lovely photo. Elaine x
  8. ElaineBAnderson

    Absolutely AWESOME!

    Yes two truly amazing evenings from Marti, I was so lucky that Milton Keynes is not far from me. Hope Marti does some more small venues. Elaine x
  9. ElaineBAnderson

    Some Official Photos From The Past

    Just lovely Lynn, thanks for sharing. Elaine x
  10. ElaineBAnderson


    Barry and I are going to both Milton Keynes shows, looking forward to seeing everyone there. Take care. x
  11. ElaineBAnderson

    Broadway Debut!

    That's fantastic Lynn, not seen those posters before. Loved him in that musical, and so pleased that he continued to entertain us in this field. So looking forward to his own musical when it's ready. Elaine x
  12. ElaineBAnderson

    Welcome Back!!

    Hiya everyone, great to have this up and running again. x
  13. ElaineBAnderson

    Good To Be Back!

    So glad to see that the forum is back, really missed reading everyone's comments and seeing their photos. x
  14. ElaineBAnderson

    For Those Of You Not On FB......

    Fabulous photo. Elaine x
  15. ElaineBAnderson

    Earlier Pre-sale!

    Fabulous, really looking forward to seeing Marti doing a solo tour again. Elaine x