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  1. Happy Birthday Lynn

    Happy Birthday Lynn, have a Fabulous Day. Love from Elaine. x
  2. Happy Birthday Marion

    Happy Birthday Marion, sure hope you had a lovely day. Elaine x
  3. And The Winner Is........

    Fabulous, congratulations Susanne, well done. And well done Caroline, Joyce and Toa. Elaine x
  4. Advent Competition Voting

    Just cast my vote, it was very difficult as they are all lovely. Big thank you to everyone who took the time to submit and entry. Good luck everyone. Elaine x
  5. Christmas Eve!

    Lovely picture Lynn. Just want to thank everyone for their lovely advent pictures, I've enjoyed seeing them, and to wish you all a Fantastic Christmas. Love from Elaine x
  6. Facebook Competition!

    Bless his heart. Elaine x
  7. 23rd December

    Aww that's lovely, thanks for sharing Mary. Elaine x
  8. 22nd December

    Fabulous, thanks for sharing Daisy, have a Lovely Christmas too. Elaine x
  9. 21st December

    That's fabulous, thanks for sharing Simona. Elaine x
  10. 20th December

    Aww that's beautiful Zill, so cosy, thanks for sharing. Elaine x
  11. 19th December

    Aww, lovely smile from Marti, thanks for sharing Jo. Elaine x
  12. 18th December

    That's so lovely, thanks for sharing Jan. Elaine x
  13. 17th December

    Aww that's lovely. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you too Monique. Elaine x
  14. 16th December

    That's fabulous, thanks for sharing Lynne. Elaine x
  15. 15th December

    That's lovely. Merry Christmas to you too Samantha. Elaine x