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  1. Joyce Williams

    16th December

    Love this one. Thanks Mandy. x
  2. Joyce Williams

    15th December

    Very nice Caroline x
  3. Joyce Williams

    14th December

    Fantastic Dot. X
  4. Joyce Williams

    13th December

    Fabulous picture Daisy. X
  5. Joyce Williams

    12th December

    Oh my this is lovely. Thanks Susanne. x
  6. Joyce Williams

    11th December

    Lovely picture Steve. x
  7. Joyce Williams

    Aladdin Dartford 8.12.18 (minimal spoilers)

    I so enjoyed our day and evening at panto on Saturday. I can't wait to do this all over again soon. x
  8. Joyce Williams

    10th December

    Love this one. Thanks for posting Caroline. xxx
  9. Joyce Williams

    9th December

    Hmmmm! very nice. Lovely picture Helen. x
  10. Joyce Williams

    8th December

    Fantastic Steve. x
  11. Joyce Williams

    7th December

    Lovely picture Barbara. xxx
  12. Joyce Williams

    6th December

    Fabulous Samantha. x
  13. Joyce Williams

    4th December

    Lovely pic Susanne. xxx
  14. Joyce Williams

    5th December

    Lovely picture Sandra. Thanks for joining in and welcome to the forum. x
  15. Joyce Williams

    3rd December

    Fabulous picture Steve. x