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  1. Joyce Williams

    Happy Birthday, Caroline - 20/01

    Wishing you a very Happy Birthday Caroline, have a great day. xx
  2. Joyce Williams

    Aladdin Review (spoilers)

    Ive had the most fantastic 3 weeks seeing Marti in panto in Dartford. I saw the show 9 times. 4 of those were on Saturdays 8th and 15th. As I live 15 minutes drive from Dartford across the Thames Estuary in Essex. Thank you Marti for choosing Dartford. Now I'm spending the remaining of this year in Cornwall.
  3. Joyce Williams

    Happy Christmas Everyone.

    Happy Christmas Lynn and to everyone on this forum. Have a lovely day with all your families and friends. Love, Peace and Understanding. xxx
  4. Joyce Williams

    24th December

    This is a lovely pic Susanne. xxx
  5. Joyce Williams

    22nd December

    Thank you so much Lynn for posting my second one on here. xxx
  6. Joyce Williams

    21st December

    Fabulous picture Jo. Happy Birthday. X
  7. Joyce Williams

    20th December

    Very nice Eve. xxx
  8. Joyce Williams

    19th December

    Lovely one Steve. Keep them coming. I'm enjoying opening Marti advent calendars everyday. x
  9. Joyce Williams

    18th December

    Fantastic Caroline. x
  10. Joyce Williams

    17th December

    Very nice picture.
  11. Joyce Williams

    16th December

    Love this one. Thanks Mandy. x
  12. Joyce Williams

    15th December

    Very nice Caroline x
  13. Joyce Williams

    14th December

    Fantastic Dot. X
  14. Joyce Williams

    13th December

    Fabulous picture Daisy. X
  15. Joyce Williams

    12th December

    Oh my this is lovely. Thanks Susanne. x