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      FAKE Instagram Account!   10/12/2017

      The following account https://www.instagram.com/martipellowoficial  is FAKE. This is NOT Marti and whoever it is they are trying to con fans into paying money for something that he/she claims will be a big help to Marti!  If you have an Instagram account, please go on and report this fake page.  

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  1. What Everyone Has Been Waiting For.....

    At Southend the theatre held back the front row seats until midday, luckily Jill and I got two seats when they were released. So happy! Maybe some of the theatres are holding back the really good seats until tomorrow. Got my ticket for London, Gateshead and Manchester. Didn't realise that there are standing tickets for Cambridge. Thank You Marti for coming to "TOWIE" county...Essex next year! Big Hugs. x
  2. Well.....

    Very exciting...what have you got as a treat for us Marti. Come on Reveal now please. xxx
  3. And Again.......

    I promise I won't tell a soul! x
  4. He Is Teasing Again!!!

    You are a tease but we love you Marti. x
  5. Edinburgh Castle - 15th July 2017

  6. From Marti - 15/08

    Looking very sexy Mr Pellow in your new glasses. Big hugs. x
  7. Fantasy greatest hits list or cd

    Great list Toa. x
  8. Fantasy greatest hits list or cd

    My favourites change all the time...but here's mind! My all time favourite is "A lot of Love" I love this video....hmmmmm! I wonder why? We can all dream? 1) A lot of Love 2) Loving Hannah 3) Goodnight Girl 4) Follow You Follow Me 5) Don't Let me Down 6) I have Dreamed 7) Still Standing 8) Come Back Home 9) Did you ever Wake Up 10) All I ever Wanted 11) Meet You There 12) Close to You 13) Songbird 14) The Island 15) Angel Eyes Ooops The Island and Loving Hannah are not from Marti's solo albums but I love these as well.
  9. Here is a link to Marti's performance at Lytham Proms as featured on BBC Radio Lancashire:- https://www.dropbox.com/s/vvl9scc9noum500/Marti Pellow - Lytham Festival 6th August 2017.mp3?dl=0 Do you all mind not sharing this on facebook, etc.
  10. Lytham - MIGHT Be Live Streamed Tonight

    Hmmmm! If Aidan Turner couldn't do another series of Poldark...I daresay we would be happy for Marti to step in!
  11. Lytham - MIGHT Be Live Streamed Tonight

    Lynn it was a lovely surprise to find out (too late unfortunately) on facebook that this was broadcast on BBC Radio Lancaster. Luckily I didn't have to choose between Ross Poldark and Marti.
  12. Lytham - MIGHT Be Live Streamed Tonight

    Disappointed that we were not told that Marti was going to be on BBC Lancaster radio. I missed Marti singing live on the radio.
  13. Lytham - MIGHT Be Live Streamed Tonight

    Thanks for the link Lynn. I'm watching in the hope of Marti's set will be shown as well. Here's hoping!