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  1. Lynn this has been a great forum & have loved our chats on here when I've able to stay awake on the Friday nights . I have also made some lovely friends through the forum. Totally understand with you closing it down. Thanks for the last ten years on here & for keeping us all up to date with all Marti. You have done such a great job on & also hope the Management, Marti & everyone else appreciates the great job you have done over the last 10 years. I will definitely keep in touch always.xx
  2. Great news Lynn. Thanks.x
  3. Glad all sorted out Lynn. I've been trying to get on here the last few days. Hopefully will catch you all tomorrow in the chat room.xx
  4. Great little video Marti, keep them coming.;)
  5. Great little video Marti. Thanks again for keeping us in the loop.& also thank you too Lynn.☺
  6. A brilliant prize for someone to win Marti.☺
  7. Great news marti. Sadly I'm not on Instagram so will keep up to date on here & Facebook.:)
  8. Fantastic news & loads of dates. Thanks Marti & Lynn for keeping us in the know.:)
  9. Fantastic news Lynn. He didn't keep us waiting long. Top bloke.:)
  10. Always sad when this happens to bands but as i'very always said I will always support Marti & all the Wets whatever the they decide . We have really been blessed over the last few years with all the Wets gigs we'very had aswell as having Marti's brilliant solo tour earlier in the year. This will give Marti a chance now to get on with the acting roles & solo shows he wantsaid to do & put %100 in to them as he always does anyway. Also hopefully will get to see this show he been writing. Anyway see soon Marti on whatever you choose to do next;)
  11. Thanks Lynn. Also think that is a lovely phot or of Marti & Madalena. Think they worked brilliant together on Evita.:)
  12. Great news Lynn. Wondered what Marti would be doing after the Wets gigs. Thanks for letting us all know.:)
  13. Fantastic news Lynn & well done again for all your hard work you put in.See you in the chat room.xx:)
  14. Brilliant news Lynn.Thanks for letting us know & also thanks Marti.
  15. Really get you excited Lynn.Love the little teasense. x:)
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