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  1. http://www.echo-news.co.uk/news/16234628.Marti___s_popping_in_-_and_hopes_to_be_souled_out_-_in_Southend/ Marti’s popping in - and hopes to be souled out - in Southend Emma Palmer YOU may have heard of a little band called Wet Wet Wet and its frontman Marti Pellow... What you might not know is that when the band formed in 1982, as ambitious teenagers form Clydebank in Scotland, they were originally called Vortex Motion, and back then Marti went by his birth name Mark McLachlan. The band went onto enjoy numerous hits during the eighties and nineties and their debut album Popped in Souled Out rocketed to the top of the charts. Their biggest singles included Angel Eyes, Goodnight Girl, Sweet Little Mystery and of course Love is All Around which spent 15 weeks at the top of the charts in 1994. Now there’s the chance to see the main man, Marti Pellow, in action when he comes to the Cliffs Pavilion in Southend next week. Pellow, now aged 53 and more in love with music than ever, is bringing his Private Collection Tour to the venue on Thursday (May 24). The tour celebrates his 30 years in the industry, including number ones and hit singles from his many albums as both a solo artist and with Wet Wet Wet. Pellow says he’s not a singer songwriter that is about yesterday or today, but strives to be about tomorrow and that is why he has longevity in his career and continues to push himself. Over the years he’s been on the Broadway stage, written a new musical, made new records and starred in the West End. He said: “Playing live is about sharing a connection with your audience; be that with singing old songs, new songs, borrowed songs - I don’t care where the songs come from - its about having the best night out - pure n simple. “I was just blown away by the amazing response from fans after we did our big concert tour earlier this year – and then exactly the same response after we did a couple of our “Private Collection shows in a much more intimate setting – and I thought – if you all really loved those shows - then I want to come out and play these great songs and more for you. I want to hear my audience singing and laughing with me and walking away that night knowing me just that bit better.” Tickets for the Cliffs show cost £44-£47 and can be booked on 01702 351135 or via southendtheatres.org.uk
  2. http://www.yorkpress.co.uk/news/16229621.Marti_Pellow_shows_his_Private_Collection_in_new_concert_at_York_Barbican/ Marti Pellow shows his Private Collection in new concert at York Barbican Charles Hutchinson charlesatpress LAST year, his tour was Mysterious, but there is no mystery to Wet Wet Wet frontman Marti Pellow's return to York Barbican on Monday. Whereas last March, the focus was on Pellow's new album, Mysterious, this time the Private Collection Tour show will span his 30 years in pop and musicals, including number one singles and songs from his many Wet Wet Wet and solo albums. Post-Mysterious, Pellow put together the new concert concept for the Private Collection show, showcasing it on sold-out evenings at The Stables in Wavendon. "I'd finished touring Mysterious and had a wee bit of time on my hands and thought I'd try out different arrangements of songs that I just like singing, cherry picking from Wet Wet Wet and my solo work or songs that have inspired me," says the 53-year-old Scotsman. "I did a couple of wee gigs at The Stables, Jacqui and Chloe Dankworth's place, just a very relaxed affair, and I was overwhelmed by the reaction the shows got, so I talked to my agent and said, 'if you want me to sing some songs, with a great bunch of musicians playing an eclectic mix of songs on tour, I can do that!" In the "downtime" between gigs on his Mysterious tour, Pellow would play songs "because that's my job", he says. "I realised how diverse these players were and how we were connected by similar record collections. That's where we had a collective drive that I could take them all anywhere because they all had a knowledge of singers, songwriters and musicians and this new show could be an extension of me using these musicians. I could pretty much go anywhere musically with them," reckons Marti. "To have an audience that's sophisticated, with such diverse taste, as well as knowing the journey I've taken them on, means I can sing Jackson Browne or Sondheim songs because they make eclectic choices, and they're used to that in a concert." Pellow enjoys how each show varies. "Every gig should be somewhat different, with the energy that you're getting from the audience varying. If they're a little bit more subdued, you can try a few uptempo songs and see how that goes, but sometimes they just want to sit and listen and shoot the breeze with you, or sometimes they might want to dance if it's a Friday-night crowd," he says. "With the versions I'm playing, that's where my craft comes in, whereas with Wet Wet Wet at the arenas, it's a juggernaut! In the Private Collection shows, you can do songs in different ways, thinking, 'let's try it this way', taking it down, making it simple, or doing it uptempo, and seeing what the response it. "That's the beauty of a live show, being able to understand your craft; that's what keeps it fresh for you and for your audience." Then add the Pellow chat between numbers, with its balance of "educating and entertaining" when discussing the songs. Should you be wondering what is happening in the world of Wet Wet Wet, Marti reveals: "I'm just having a wee sabbatical from the lads. I'm working on writing a musical at the moment, working with Jack Bradley and Shaun McKenna, who are doing the book, while me and Grant [his long-time producer Grant Mitchell] are doing the music. "It's a meat-and-potatoes musical called Celtic Warrior, where I'm taking a lot of time over it, loosely built around Celtic tales that were told to me by my grandfather, fused with Moroccan music for a story about a search for a stone." In the meantime, the Private Collection tour is on its way to York on Monday and Harrogate on Tuesday. "Here’s a show for those that just would love to hear an extraordinary evening of music, from the hits you love the most, with massive brass-driven soul numbers, to intimate acoustic ballads, and maybe a wee bit of chat along the way," says Marti. "We’ve got everything you love." Marti Pellow plays York Barbican on May 21, 7.30pm, and Harrogate Convention Centre, May 22, 7.30pm. York tickets: 0844 854 2757, at yorkbarbican.co.uk or in person from the Barbican box office; Harrogate, 01423 502116 or harrogatetheatre.co.uk Charles Hutchinson
  3. at http://www.radionewark.co.uk/podcasts/matt-and-vicky/episode/marti-pellow/?autoplay=1
  4. It's on their website now at https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p066wn7l
  5. Marti will be on BBC Radio Essex with Tony Fisher after 2pm today, Friday 11 May. https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p06570ch
  6. at https://www.nottinghampost.com/whats-on/music-nightlife/marti-pellow-talks-30-year-1544620
  7. By the way, I think this is something to watch, as well as listen to, as it’s on the Red Button.
  8. Marti is on 'Sounds of the 80s' with Sara Cox on BBC Radio 2 on Friday 11 May at 10:30pm. It includes Sara playing Wets' videos and I believe it may also be on the red button. https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b0b2x0yd
  9. I think we missed this this afternoon but it’s on the iPlayer now. https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p063yktt 30:40 - Mysterious 33:54 - Interview 37:36 - Fire and Rain - James Taylor 40:32 - Interview 48:06 - With A Little Help From My Friends - Wet Wet Wet 50:44
  10. Lorraine just said at the end of today’s show that Marti is on tomorrow, so that’s Tuesday 1 May at 8:30am on ITV1.
  11. I believe Marti is supposed to be on 'Lorraine' on ITV1 at 8:30am tomorrow morning, Monday 30 April. Someone mentioned it on Marti's official FB page so I watched the end of Lorraine's Friday show on the ITV Hub and she did say that he would be on, and I think she meant tomorrow.
  12. ...at http://newarkadvertiser.co.uk/news/2018/04/29/marti-pellow-promises-to-play-songs-that-match-festival-vibe
  13. BBC Radio Lincolnshire with Carla Greene - 26 April 1:10:21 - 1:29:14 BBC Radio Manchester with Ted Robbins (sitting in for Becky Want) - 27 April 1:45:17 - 2:19:19
  14. Debbie

    Somer Valley FM Wednesday From 7pm

    This is now on Listen Again at http://podcast.canstream.co.uk/svalley/index.php?id=19746 18:47 – Sweet Little Mystery 22:26 – Interview 31:13 – Love Is All Around 34:51 - Chat about the panto with a few mentions of Marti 39:02
  15. Debbie

    MPO - 6 Today!

    Happy 6th birthday, MPO!