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  1. Glenda

    Happy Birthday Susanne!

    Happy Birthday Susanne, have a lovely day xx
  2. Glenda

    York Press interview - 16 May

    Thanks Debbie, nice read
  3. Mr Adrain Peel perhaps you should have come to Liverpool and Manchester! Definitely no lacking in atmosphere or performance at those two gigs, in fact both places were rocking!!!!!
  4. Glenda

    Tour starts tonight!!!

    Lol Mary, guess how much my parking fees where? £25.00 aaaagghhh!!!!!!
  5. Glenda

    Thank You Debbie!

    Yes really appreciate your inputs Debbie, thanks x
  6. Glenda

    Manchester - 19th May 2018 3.jpg

    Happy memories to treasure x
  7. Glenda

    Manchester - 19th May 2018 2.jpg

    Brilliant photo, lovely to see everyone there too xx
  8. Glenda

    MPO Updated!!

    Love the new website!
  9. Glenda

    Sunday Brunch 6th May

    Perfect weekend ahead, thanks Lynn x
  10. "Super Excited" here too, can't wait for Liverpool and Manchester. Loved your interview today with Lorraine, you were both so funny
  11. Glenda

    Happy 50th Birthday Dot - 29th

    I know I said Happy Birthday on Instagram but here's another wish to hope you had a great day
  12. A great read, thanks Debbie
  13. Glenda


    Hi Helen, Yes I have recieved mine for Liverpool. I ordered direct from the theatre and they arrived very quickly xx
  14. Glenda

    Happy Birthday Helen

    Sorry for late wishes Helen hope you enjoyed your day despite the tyre blow out xx
  15. Glenda

    Happy Birthday, Eve, Monday, 9th

    Sorry I'm a bit late (been on hols!) but hope you had a lovely birthday xx