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  1. Yes it was an amazing night in Edinburgh and what can I say about Love Is All Around except that I am not ashamed to admit I burst out crying with emotion. The castle, the pipers and The Wet's, what more can we ask for. Thanks Marti, Graeme, Tommy, Neil and Graeme, xx Also thanks for all the kind friendship shown from forum members I had not met before and had the pleasure of making new friends with. What an amazing bunch of people you all are on here xx
  2. What an absolute fantastic piece of writing to read. I was lucky enough to get up to the Edinburgh concert and couldn't have described the night any better than you have. Yes it was a night which I will never forget and will remain in my heart forever. I first saw the Wet's as a supporting band at a Lionel Richie concert and to this day I can still remember turning to my hubby (a very young hubby then!) and saying to him, 'This band is going to be big, I love them already'. 30 years on and I STILL LOVE THEM.
  3. Thanks Lynn, hope everyone has a fantastic time and safe journeys xx
  4. Ooh exciting, will definitely be tuning in, thanks Lynn X
  5. A night I will never forget. Just wish it could be repeated.
  6. That's a great run through of all Marti's solo work. Aren't we so lucky to have him in our lives ❤️
  7. My lovely signed photo arrived today, many thanks to Marti's management X
  8. Ooh I'm quite shocked, I never win anything. What a lovely gesture to send us all a photo. A nice pressie to come back to after my holiday. Many thanks to those who voted too x
  9. That's great news but a little too far from me.
  10. Where did those 30 years go? Listening to the best band ever, seeing The Wets, Marti on his solo tours, in his musicals, that's where it went!!!!!! An incredible 30 years!
  11. I agree, one of the best tours. Loved hearing all the different versions of the old songs and the new material is fantastic. Thanks Marti, see you in Edinburgh! X
  12. Edinburgh for me
  13. Just love this album and play it over and over again. Can't pick a favourite, love them all.
  14. Hi everyone, sooooo glad to be back, missed you all xx Can't believe I actually forgot my password so couldn't get in until now, must be my age lol Thanks for everything you have sorted out Lynn xx
  15. Happy Birthday Jo, hope you have had a lovely day x