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  1. Brilliant news Lynn, thanks for everything you do to keep this forum going xx
  2. Fantastic news Lynn, maybe not for the Isle of Wight - just a bit too far, but looking forward to further announcements hopefully x
  3. Huge thanks once again Lynn for sorting out the forum. I really hope more people join in and help to make all your efforts worthwhile. Sorry I couldn't join last Fridays chat night but I was out for the evening. Also out again this coming Friday so hopefully will be free for the next one. Thanks again Lynn, I would be lost without this forum x
  4. Thank you too Marti you were more than amazing in Liverpool and Manchester. See you on your next adventures xx
  5. Happy Burns Night Marti, all looks very tasty. I'm cooking the same too x
  6. Lovely message Marti, thanks. Wrap up and keep cosy x
  7. Wishing you and your loved ones Love, Happiness and Peace for 2018. Thanks for taking time to share your New Year Message. Really looking forward to seeing you again in Liverpool and Manchester. Great to see you chillin in your jim jams!!! XX
  8. Hope you had a relaxing, happy Christmas Marti and I am sooo looking forward to 2018!!! X
  9. Lovely kind gesture, good luck to everyone. It won't be me as I don't go on Facebook lol
  10. That's great news, thanks for letting us know Marti x
  11. Thanks for your lovely message/photo Marti, looking forward to seeing you next year and hearing your new material . XX
  12. Can't wait, very excited. Hopefully will be booking a few
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