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  1. On the 24th may at West Cliff Pavilion I am bringing my daughter Corina to see Marti, the last time she saw Marti was 20 years ago in Edinburgh (she caught a bit of your sweat and didn't wash for a week). she has since been diagnosed with MND and is restricted to a wheel chair but she is still very much active in her life style and trying to live life to the fullest with her 2 children and loving husband.  I have brought this is a birthday present for Corina as she wants to re-live her youth and reminisce about seeing you 20 years ago. I was wondering if you could make her year by meeting Corina even if it was a quick hello?

    kind regards

    Judi Wilson



  2. Marti's Management

    A note from Marti's management.

    Just wanted to say it was great seeing you in Dublin Lynn, what a great concert that was. We really are so delighted with all the work you do for Marti. Thank you! It's always great to see the queues outside the stage door and the cameras, Marti always tries to spend as much time as he can having his picture taken with as many as possible, sadly sometimes we are rushing off to another function or an airport which is why we have to make haste on the odd occasion. By the way, we're the guys who are often with Marti pushing him through the crowds - but we do thank you all for your continued support for Marti's career Best regards from Marti's management team Deke and Jamie