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  1. Advent Competition Voting

    Won´t be easy to decide all good in their own way. Good luck everybody
  2. Christmas Eve!

    Thank you Lynn
  3. 10th December

    A very Christmassy picture. I love it
  4. 8th December

    Lovely Barbara. Never seen that picture before.
  5. 2nd December

    Another good one Michelle
  6. 4th December

    Really nice Christine.
  7. 5th December

    Ha ha Helen trust you to make one that give me naughty thoughts LOL.
  8. 6th December

    Really lovely. Great picture
  9. Hi Daisy. You have to google: free Christmas frames. And yes there is a lot spent 4 hours doing mine yesterday as had to choose a good web site first and then play. But I enjoyed myself. Ha Marti in the ears and his beautiful smile in front of me the whole time
  10. 3rd December

    He looks soo relaxed Joyce. Love it
  11. 1st December

    Love it, good choice of picture
  12. Fantasy greatest hits list or cd

    My turn. Can´t say which one is my all time favorite, but it´s between these ten - at least for now. In no particular order: This moment is okay (in my ears right now LOL) Close to you Brand new start I surrender All I know Angel Berlin Songbird Don´t know much Hard to cry
  13. Broadway Debut!

    Thanks Lynn, interesting as I have never seen any mention af it