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  1. I am going both nights. Just have to I was so excited last night big smile on my face. Told my husband I HAVE TO GO. Of course you do he said LOL aint he sweet
  2. He might very well be the most handsome man in the world
  3. Not a bad De Niro at all Marti. Made me smile for sure. I am glad to hear that your are recording new music of your own. I hope you will follow up with a tour. I have only ever been to one solo concert with you and that was Dublin last year and I loved it. If you make a solo tour I will try and get to more concerts. But for now I look forward to Chelsea and Panto in Glasgow. lot of love toa
  4. Hej Susanne, Jeg hedder Toa, jeg bor i Aarhus. Jeg har været medlem et stykke tid nu. Alle er rigtig søde og tålmodige.Vi har chatnight tirsdag og fredag ved 9-tiden (10 for os).Er du medlem af Wet Wet Wet fans Group på FB? Der sker også en hel masse. Måske mødes vi herinde i aften?
  5. Nice to see you looking so relaxed and tanned. Beautiful Sombrero Amigo. Exicted to hear what you are working on. Happy New Year
  6. Sounds great, Wonder what he is recording....
  7. I am so sorry for your loss Marti. Hope you are with Family and friends. Take care of yourself and cherish your memories.
  8. Hi a Newsletter sounds great. Where do I find it?
  9. Hi Lynn I think there must be a new newsletter from this month, but where do I find it? thanks tkr
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