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  1. Some Official Photos From The Past

    Thanks for sharing Lynn, there are some fabulous photos.
  2. Absolutely AWESOME!

    A lovely review Mary, thank you. I wish we could do it all again, I was only just thinking to myself "this time last week", I am so looking forward to many more concerts like this ... everything was perfect. Can't wait to hear what is in store for us in the near future.
  3. 13th September

    Thank you Marti for two amazing shows. Your song choices were fabulous, along with the stories explaining why you chose them. The venue was great, I love the smaller, more intimate venues...hopefully any future concerts will be held in similar surroundings. I can't wait to hear what you have planned for the future and am looking forward to some more great times ahead. THANK YOU XX
  4. Absolutely AWESOME!

    I can only agree with all your comments. Simply amazing concerts on both nights. Lovely to see you all.
  5. The Stables Milton Keynes quick review

    You are very welcome Glenda. I am sure there will be more concerts in the future, hopefully you will be able to get to them. Exciting times ahead.
  6. The Stables Milton Keynes quick review

    Thank you Helen for your review, which covered everything throughout both nights. It has been an amazing two nights at The Stables. From the beginning to the end of the show, Marti had the audience under his spell. The Private Collection set list was a wonderful mix of old and new versions of songs and covers, which took us on Marti's journey through the years. Marti explained his reasons for choosing these songs and what they meant to him. The intimate venue created a more relaxed atmosphere and Marti involved the crowd throughout the evening, which pleased the audience. Marti had a permanent smile on his face, which showed how much he was enjoying himself too. I personally hope that future concerts are held in similar sized venues, because it does create a totally different atmosphere and makes them so special. Grant and the band were also amazing, so thank you to them too. The only thing left to say is a big THANK YOU Marti for two wonderful nights, you were absolutely fantastic... we could not ask for anything more and I hope it is not too long before we can do it all again. It was also lovely to see a few friends from the Forum.
  7. Excited?!!

    I too can't wait Lynn, it is going to be an amazing couple of nights. Hope to see some of you there.
  8. Lytham West End Proms

    You have summed the day up perfectly Helen, but what a laugh we have had despite the horrendous weather and rules and regulations. I totally agree that The Stables will certainly be something special [and dry] lol. I can't wait now for the 11th September. Thank you Marti for braving the weather in Lytham and for a wonderful performance.
  9. Lytham - MIGHT Be Live Streamed Tonight

    I have just got home from a VERY WET Lytham. Marti sang four songs and he was amazing and seemed to be very relaxed, despite the weather conditions. Unfortunately, the weather has been horrendous and it has rained most of the day and all night. Therefore, we only stayed for the first half of the show and Marti's set and then decided to leave as we were soaked through to the skin. Hope some of you managed to listen on BBC Lancaster.
  10. The Stables - 11th/12th September

    Looking forward to it, it will be a fantastic night.
  11. From Marti - 28/07

    What did is say Caroline, I haven't been able to watch it.
  12. Clubs

    Good idea Lynn, hopefully it will encourage more people to join in.
  13. Exciting News!

    That is great news Lynn, thank you for letting us know. Looking forward to it.
  14. From Marti - 28/07

    Brilliant photo Joyce
  15. From Marti - 28/07

    I totally respect Marti's decision, and think that it is an appropriate time after the 30th Anniversary concerts to announce his decision. I personally am looking forward to more Marti solo concerts and musicals and whatever else he has planned for us in the future, there will be some exciting times ahead..... and the main thing is that Marti is happy doing what he loves. As you say Lynn, we have had had more Wets concerts in the past few years than we expected, and I wish Graeme, Tommy, Neil and Graeme all the best for their future plans. I now can't wait to hear what Marti's next venture will be, and I will certainly be there to support him. Thank you Marti, Graeme, Tommy and Neil for 30 brilliant years and so many good memories. All the best to you all. xx