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  1. 14th February

    Thank you Marti. Happy Valentine's Day to you too, I hope you have had a great day spending time with your loved ones. Lots of Love Julie xx
  2. Happy New Year From Marti!

    Happy New Year Marti. Thank you for the lovely message. Great to see you relaxing and taking it easy for a change. I hope 2018 is a healthy and happy year for you and your family and I can't wait for the tour to begin. Thank you for everything you do and for taking the time to stop and have a chat and a photo whenever you can, it is much appreciated. Lots of Love Julie xxx
  3. Happy New Year!

    Wishing Lynn, Marti and all the Forum members a very happy new year and a peaceful and healthy 2018. Looking forward to seeing some of you through the year.
  4. Advent Competition Voting

    Good luck everyone
  5. Christmas Smile From Marti!

    Thank you and Merry Christmas to you Marti, I hope you have a relaxing day today and enjoy the festivities. Thank you for a brilliant 2017 and looking forward to seeing you on tour next year. MERRY CHRISTMAS AND BEST WISHES FOR A HEALTHY AND HAPPY NEW YEAR XXXXX
  6. White Christmas!

    Fabulous, thanks for posting Lynn. I remember being there. MERRY CHRISTMAS TO MARTI AND ALL THE FORUM MEMBERS XX
  7. Christmas Eve!

    Thank you for your lovely message Lynn and for all your hard work getting the forum back up and running. I hope that in the new year more people will join in the fun and keep the forum going. Wishing everyone a fabulous Christmas and best wishes for a healthy and happy 2018. Hopefully see some of you on the tour. MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE XX
  8. 23rd December

    Very nice Mary, thank you.
  9. Facebook Competition!

    That is a brilliant prize, thank you Marti. Good luck everyone.
  10. 22nd December

    Very nice Daisy, thank you
  11. And Another

    There is definitely a venue for everyone to get to. Thanks for the updates Lynn.
  12. Look Into His Eyes!

  13. Panto - Have You Seen It Yet?

    Thanks Lynn. Wish I could make it this year, but unfortunately I can't Enjoy everyone who is going to see it, you will have the best time.
  14. Panto Vlog

    Thanks Lynn. It is amazing how much hard work goes into the production of a panto and how many people work behind the scenes. Well done to the whole cast and behind the scenes team for all your hard work.
  15. Another Date Added

    Great news Lynn. Marti is definitely going to be busy next Summer. Thanks for letting us know.