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  1. Great photo.... thanks.
  2. Thanks for letting us know Lynn, looking forward to listening to it.
  3. My lovely photo arrived today too, thank you.
  4. Well done Joyce, that is a brilliant... that is a lovely souvenir to have from the shows.
  5. Lovely photo Joyce, thanks for sharing
  6. Lovely photo Joyce, thanks for sharing.
  7. Thanks Lynn. A lovely photo of Marti and Maddie.
  8. Thanks Barbara. I am pleased that we are all getting a signed photo.
  9. Thanks Lynn
  10. That is great news Lynn, it is very kind of Marti's management team to give all of us a signed photo, thank you.
  11. Jekyll and Hyde ... a brilliant musical
  12. I can't believe 30 years has flown by so quickly and it all started with Popped in Souled Out, a brilliant album. 30 years on we are all still going strong... what an amazing band and long may they continue.
  13. Just Edinburgh for me, but looking forward to it. Hopefully see some of you there.
  14. The tour was amazing, I loved the set list and it was good to hear a mixture of old and new songs, and sang in a different way. Wish we could do it all again, one of the best tours ever.
  15. Love the album, it is hard to choose a favourite because they are all amazing, but I do love Meet You There, Three Wishes and Sunrise Never Fails.