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  1. frenchy2406

    Welcome Back!!

    that's good news, hello everybody!!!!
  2. frenchy2406

    Very Sad News.

    very sad news... All I can give is PRAYERS THOUGHTS and LOVE to Marti and his family...
  3. frenchy2406

    Marti's Mother's Day Message! :-)

    so lovely message, wish to all mothers a happy Day!!
  4. frenchy2406

    Another Photo! :-)

    love this pic
  5. frenchy2406

    Marti Today - 5th March! :-)

    a sweet pic, thanks for sharing it with us
  6. frenchy2406

    Marti's New Online Store!

    i've just ordered my copy, thanks for the new Lynn!!
  7. frenchy2406

    The News We've All Been Waiting For!!

    that's a wpnderful news!! I loved the character of "CHE" in Evita, so if you Marti are in it, i would love it more and more... Thanks for sharing this great new.... And thanks to Lynn for keeping in touch with us with Marti 's news!!!!
  8. frenchy2406

    Exciting Announcement Today!

    can't wait for the news!!!
  9. frenchy2406

    NEW & EXCLUSIVE - Marti's New Video!

    i love it, thanks Lynn for sharing this preview of an upcoming great album...
  10. frenchy2406

    A Christmas Message! :-)

    thanks for sharing this lovely message video from Marti.
  11. frenchy2406

    Marti's New Album!

    that's a great new, can't wait!!! thanks for the new Lynn!!