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Love To Love Moves Back Up The Charts!

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Love To Love has gone back up to no.18 in the Tesco CD album charts!!!! It is brilliant to see it going back up the charts 17 weeks after it was released and of course, it is thoroughly deserved!! :D

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Great!! He deserves it!

I bought it in Liverpool and since yesterday I finally ca listen to it! I really like the songs he sings!

My favourites:

suddenly and sailing

I really had to laugh about the text he wrote in the booklet.

"Stick this in your CD player, tun it up really loud, open a bottle...."

(that's just the first things I did when I came back home here in Holland after a weekend Liverpool and then I haven't read the text yet)


"PS. This record may cause a baby boom :-)"

Well...that's not going to happen here I think. For that you need a boyfriend! ;-) But maybe we can open a topic about it that everybody who get a baby around 9 months after the release of this album put a note here!! ;-P

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