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Scottish Sun interview - 9 December

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There is also a short video interview on this link.


WHAT'S NEXT?  Panto star Marti Pellow reveals he’s planning a Scottish version of Riverdance

The Wet Wet Wet star wants to tell the story of our ancestry in a similar way to the Michael Flatley production


9th December 2016, 8:11 pm

MARTI Pellow has revealed he’s planning a Scottish version of Riverdance.

The Wet Wet Wet star wants to tell the story of our ancestry in a similar way to the Michael Flatley production – with a bit less dancing.

Marti who stars in The SECC panto Aladdin until December 31 revealed: “I’ve been working on my own musical theatre projects for a number of years now.

“There are a few ideas. One of the ones is very much based on Scots and Scottish folklore.

“There’s a wee bit more going on in our culture than Brigadoon.

“These are things I’ve been working on. Growing up and getting told all those old folklore stories by my grandfather and the stories of old Scotland and the mysticism of it all really intrigued me.

“The Irish really do it so well with projects like Riverdance and we have an enormous amount of culture in here which can be made accessible to people.

“I wouldn’t go so far as to say it will be full on dancing but I think we can embrace our own culture like Riverdance.”

He added: “I’m on my third draft of the script. To get to this point it’s taken about four years.”

Marti is also working on a musical set in the twenties.

He enthused: “There’s another one called Scarlett which is more based and set in the twenties.

“I love that whole time because women were more androgynous and mysterious.

“The women looked like men and there was a masculinity and the Art Deco and Art Nouveau movement was coming and there was a whole sensuality and the men dressed impeccably.

“It was great. There’s a great romanticism about that and a sensuality.

“These are projects and a labour of love I’ve been working on for a while now.

“They will see the light of day at some point. That’s my hopes and my aspirations. These are my go to projects. My labours of love.”

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Thanks Marti , that was a nice read into what hopefully will happen in the future. Yeah we had Riverdance over here for years. But the Scots have some wonderful history. x

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