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What Everyone Has Been Waiting For.....

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Hi Everyone, I hope you loved our teasers! I am so excited to be touring across the nation next year performing the Private Collection Tour. You know next year I’ll have been in this business for 30 years, so there are plenty of hits to plunder from as well as some wonderful surprises. Will keep you updated as more dates are confirmed. Love to love Marti x

Exclusive fan ticket pre-sales from this Thursday at 10.00am 


General ticket sales from this Friday




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Wonderful news Lynn, hoping & waiting for more dates. It’s been a very exciting few days.. 

But also so annoyed at the people who are going on & on about bad things. I am sure you have seen the posts, they spoil things for everyone..

Good luck everyone getting tickets in pre sale this time x

luv Zill xx

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Phew! I was only buying for Manchester today & managed to get 4th row :).

The 'select your own seat' tool didn't seem to work, unless I was missing something or someone else was trying to select the same at the same time.

If I was trying for more than one venue, I'd have been in a panic but happy with what I've got.

Hope it's gone well for everyone. 

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A lot of people are saying they can’t get there seat at front & ones complaining about price. I don’t care about the price & my 2 kids that seen Marti before n wets want a seat.

But if my area had been there I would wait if I couldn’t get front on presale, they done it again just wish they wouldn’t hold front ones. 

Somewere luch to get seats they wanted.

good luck all

love Zill :wub:

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At Southend the theatre held back the front row seats until midday, luckily Jill and I got two seats when they were released.  So happy!    

Maybe some of the theatres are holding back the really good seats until tomorrow.  

Got my ticket for London, Gateshead and Manchester. 

Didn't realise that there are standing tickets for Cambridge.

Thank You Marti for coming to "TOWIE" county...Essex next year! 

Big Hugs.




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